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Nonrepudiation / Non-Repudiation

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Nonrepudiation / Non-Repudiation - definitions

Nonrepudiation - The ability to provide proof of transmission and receipt of electronic communication.

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Non-repudiation - Literally, that a thing cannot be denied.   In the case of computer systems and PKI it is understood to mean that when a message (or file) is signed by a digital signature, the owner/controller of the private key for that signature cannot deny that they signed it, and, by implication, cannot deny the contents of the information that was signed.   This is similar to the idea that if you physically sign a document you cannot later deny either that you signed it or what the document contained.   In paper systems it is normal for all those involved in signing documents to keep a copy each as reference to prevent disputes over the contents.   Digital signatures do not remove this since, whilst you can detect the alteration of a document, if it has been altered you cannot prove what the original document was unless there is a signed copy available.

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