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Portal - definitions

Portal - A Web site that is the first place people visit when using the Web. Typically, a portal site has a catalog of sites, a search engine or both. A portal site may also offer email and other services to entice people to use that site as the main point of entry or portal to the Web. Portals are designed to be the "front door" through which a user accesses links to relevant sites.

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Portal - Public portals generally synonymous with gateway, a web site that proposes to be a major starting point or one that users tend to visit frequently as and anchor site. There are general public portals (e.g. Yahoo, Excite, CNET, MSN) and specialized or niche portals (e.g., Enterprise portals exist within a company and provide corporate and end applications to employees. Portals can also be used as Extranets.

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portal - A Web site that provides a view into a universe of content and activity through a variety of links to other sites, communication and collaboration tools, and special features geared toward the community served by the portal.

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portal - [Internet] A Web resource that provides access to a broad array of related resources and services. 

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Portal - A web site that typically provides personalised capabilities to its visitors. A portal brings content from different sources together and can enable collaboration, information consumption, and other applications or functionality for end users.

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