The Global Sourcebook for International Data  Management.   (Previously: The Global Source Book for Name and Address Data Management) by Graham Rhind Now available also as a web resource   There's a lot of information about addresses, postal codes and other international data on the web.  But not everything you need to know can easily be found.  Much information is scattered around, may be out of date, and is often unreliable. We've published the Global Sourcebook for International Data Management since 1994 to provide a single, solid, reliable and up to date resource with all you need to know about international data in one place. This resource, a recognised standard reference, contains over 2500 pages of data pertaining to over 245 countries and territories.  It is intended to help you to populate and utilize your international database in the most effective and accurate way; to ensure that you can put your data to its best use and to maintain your advantage, without causing any unnecessary irritation to those people within your database.  It not only allows you not to irritate you customers, it can also help you to impress them with your knowledge and concern for accuracy and localized marketing norms.  This is the most complete reference work of its type available.  We have spent 20 years (and counting) in research to bring you this data, so that you do not need to spend years doing the same.  Essential for the success of CRM, data management and database marketing initiatives. A 2 minute overview of the Global Source Book for International Data Management   This reference resource contains over 2500 fact-filled pages.  The contents include: Formatting an international address Address formats for web forms - sample web form layouts for optimal data collection and field labels in other languages Place names in English World Personal Name Formats World Address Formats World Postal Code Formats - includes regular expressions to validate postal codes for all countries with codes World Post office box Indicators World Postal Country Code indicators World currencies and currency codes ISO 3166 codes table Diacritical Marks used in different languages Language Scripts Job Titles in different languages Forms of address Country names: country names (not all for all countries) in over 110 different languages Muslim personal names: a short guide Mail Return Codes and translations in 10 different languages Standards and Coding Systems Number formats Country chapters: Afghanistan; Åland Islands, Albania; Algeria; American Samoa; Andorra; Angola; Argentina; Anguilla; Antigua and Barbuda; Armenia; Aruba , Australia; Austria; Azerbaijan; Bahamas; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Barbados, Belarus; Belgium; Belize; Benin; Bermuda; Bhutan; Bolivia; Bonaire; Bosnia-Hercegovina; Botswana; Bouvet Island; Brazil; British Indian Ocean Territory; British Virgin Islands; Brunei; Bulgaria; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Cambodia;  Cameroon; Canada; Cape Verde; Cayman Islands;  Central African Republic; Chad; Chile; China (People’s Republic of); Christmas Island ; Cocos (Keeling) Islands; Colombia; Comoros; Congo (People’s Republic of - Brazzaville); Congo (Democratic Republic of - Kinshasa); Cook Islands; Costa Rica; Croatia; Cuba; Curaçao; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Djibouti; Dominica; Dominican Republic; East Timor; Ecuador; Egypt; El Salvador; Equatorial Guinea; Eritrea; Estonia; Ethiopia; Faeroe Islands; Falkland Islands; Fiji; Finland; France; French Guiana; French Polynesia; French Southern Territories ; Gabon; The Gambia;  Georgia; Germany; Ghana; Gibraltar ; Greece; Greenland; Grenada; Guadeloupe; Guam; Guatemala; Guernsey; Guinea-Bissau; Guinea; Guyana; Haiti; Heard and McDonald Islands; Holy See; Honduras; Hong Kong ; Hungary; Iceland; India; Indonesia; Iran; Iraq ; Ireland, Republic of; Isle of Man; Israel; Italy; Ivory Coast; Jamaica; Japan; Jersey; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Kiribati; Kosovo, Kuwait; Kyrgyzstan; Laos; Latvia; Lebanon; Lesotho; Liberia ; Libya; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Macao;  Macedonia; Madagascar; Malawi; Malaysia; Maldives; Mali; Malta; Marshall Islands; Martinique; Mauritania; Mauritius ; Mayotte; Mexico; Micronesia, Federated States of; Moldova; Monaco; Mongolia; Montenegro; Montserrat ; Morocco; Mozambique; Namibia; Nauru; Nepal; Netherlands, The; Netherlands Antilles; New Caledonia; New Zealand; Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria; Niue; Norfolk Island ; North Korea; Northern Mariana Islands; Norway; Oman; Pakistan; Palau; Panama; Papua New Guinea ; Paraguay; Peru; Philippines, The; Pitcairn Islands; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico; Qatar; Réunion; Romania; Russia; Rwanda; Saba; Saint Berthélemy; Saint Helena; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; Saint Martin; Saint Pierre and Miquelon; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; San Marino; São Tomé and Príncipe; Saudi Arabia; Senegal; Serbia; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; Singapore; Sint Eustatius; Sint Maarten; Slovakia; Slovenia; Solomon Islands; Somalia/Somaliland; South Africa; South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands;  South Korea; South Sudan; Spain; Sri Lanka; Sudan, The; Surinam; Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands ; Swaziland; Sweden; Switzerland; Syria; Taiwan; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Thailand; Togo; Tokelau; Tonga; Trinidad and Tobago; Tunisia; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Turks and Caicos Islands; Tuvalu; Uganda; Ukraine; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America; United States Minor Outlying Islands ; United States Virgin Islands; Uruguay; Uzbekistan; Vanuatu; Venezuela; Vietnam; Wallis and Futuna; Western Sahara; Western Samoa; Yemen; Zambia; Zimbabwe. Postal code maps, graphics and photographs The country chapters contain (to a greater or lesser extent) information about: postal code formats address formats/examples personal names and their formation personal forms of address language issues street and building types post office box indicators casing rules places names in local and international languages date and time formats telephone number formats number formats and much more! Reviews This is the most complete reference book of its type available.  Here are what readers and reviewers have said about this resource: “I have used Mr Rhind’s work to help design import/export control software for the U.S. State Department grants to former Soviet Union countries. We found it an accurate, invaluable resource, and available at a fraction of the cost of digging it up ourselves” David Bock, Codesherpas "Just got the GRC Sourcebook after some time away. Boy I missed it! It's the global data bible.", Kynetika, via Twitter "My name is [ ], and as Database Coordinator at [ ] I'm the one that primarily uses your Global Sourcebook.  I've been using the PDF version and I absolutely love it!  It is such a fantastic resource for data cleanup, and I'm in it practically every day.", A user in Canada  "I did want you to know that I have learnt so much from your book and research that has been so helpful", Nancy Rybeck, Global Data Warehouse Architect, Emerson, USA "We use this religiously in our customer set ups and find it extremely helpful". "Thank you so much for continuing to provide such valuable services and resources to customers like us". “We consult this resource for nearly all of our international customer set ups, even if we have set up customers in the countries before or if we are re-activating an address.  There are changes all of the time and we are grateful that you keep us in the loop.” Judy Martin, J.M. Huber Corp., USA "The Global Source-Book for Address Data Management has been the bible for international address formats within the direct marketing industry for many years.  Where else is so much useful information contained in one place?" Martin Rides, Cygnus Software, Orpington, United Kingdom.  "We love this book, everything we need to handle worldwide addresses in one place. It is so convenient and the quality is excellent.", Steven Serra, Director Oracle Spatial Development, Oracle, USA. "I get very positive reactions and feedback ( ".... information is really helpful ...." ) from our user!", Jan van Bauwel,  European Patent Office, Rijswijk, The Netherlands "The book has been an invaluable help for the past few years...We are lost without this book."  Kathy Hunter, InfoAdvantage Ltd. "We have used this book to improve our postal validation software for many years now.  Especially the synonyms and foreign names are very helpful."  Marcus Brunnecker, FUZZY! Informatik AG, Ludwigsburg, Germany "Have been working my way through the Global Source Book.  What a wonderful resource! It is a fine piece of work!"  Harry Sova, President, Serials International "I have version 2000-2 of the Global Source Book for Address Data Management and it is GREAT", Halldor Gestsson, Maxon Telecom, Ålborg, Denmark "I am awed by [the book's] scope and thoroughness", Ton Paans, Director, CMR Group, Teddington,UK "My company purchased your Global Resource Book, which I use constantly.  As part of a development team, I have found the Global Source Book a valuable tool in implementing a global solution for our customers.  I have not been able to find another comprehensive document that has met my needs.  Hats off to Graham!", Tony Romain, Electronic Theatre Controls, Middleton, WI, USA. "I refer to the Global Sourcebook every working day - it is the single most useful reference source I know.", Jack Whittaker, Optima Database Management Ltd (now Global Address), Bristol, UK "We purchased your [book] a couple of months ago and have made very extensive use of it.  We were handling a project for a worldwide shipping company and could never have completed our mandate effectively without the information that you compiled.  You have created a truly amazing piece of work.", Victor Warners, Omni Tech Trans, LLC, Atlanta, GA, USA "Worth every Euro.  An invaluable resource for all things international data related. Well done Graham!", Daryl Swinden, Volume Group, Horley, United Kingdom. "I'm very happy with [this release] - it's a really useful book", Erich Hirsch, Planung Transport Verkehr AG, Germany   "An amazing compilation of information", Suzanne Fraser, Vicinity Corporation, Lebanon, NH, USA “Very impressive piece of work.”, Alan Pritchard, The Global Gazetteer, Bournemouth, UK This book is one of a kind, necessary for any company who is serious about creating a good impression while mailing, providing lists or holding data.  This book helps you assure that the address is correctly formatted for the recipient country. This Publication will be an invaluable reference book within any serious data collection house. Mr. Rhind - Well done and thank you.", Nicola Sutherland, Data Quality Analyst,  Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated, UK "We are finding your book very useful", Clive Dale, EHS Brann Ltd, UK "Just wanted to let you know that I received the book and it is going to be very helpful in the globalization of  our application.", Shane Hiebert, Protech Systems, USA. "Congratulations on your incredible work the 'Global Source Book' ... It ... is an amazing volume", Seymour Segnit, Founder, MODULUS South Africa "It is a truly magnificent work which has obviously taken you a great deal of time and trouble to research. I have found it fascinating and it has already helped me significantly in my work cleaning international databases", John Fowler, Cognitum Database Marketing Services, Little Kimble, UK  ".. could save you a fortune in the long run.", Marketing Event, February 1999 "As always - very good stuff!". "In my opinion, Graham has tackled the subject of International Address Management in a more informative, complete and consistent manner than any other author I have come across.", George Robinson, TechInfo, UK "... what we already have here is an essential work of reference for any company engaged in international postage.  Buy it, and consult it frequently.", Interactive Marketing,. Vol. 1 No. 1, July/September 1999 Ordering Would you like to see a sample of the pdf version?  Download a range of country chapters from a previous version (Andorra, Belgium, Isle of Man, New Zealand, Singapore, from the 2011-1st edition) in pdf format. This resource costs EUR 595, including handling (VAT will be added to this figure if you are based in Germany). This price includes: The Global Source Book for International Data Management as a pdf file which you can use for as long as you wish. Access to the online (wiki) version, which is updated weekly, until the release of the next version of the resource. Buy the resource and profit from regular updates at greatly reduced prices (only EUR 55 per update if you order each biannual update), which simply replaces your current electronic version.  Read more about the pricing structure, including for updates, here. THE CURRENT VERSION IS 2014v1  - read about changes from the previous version here. Order by credit card through a secure server. Please allow a little time after ordering (and take time zone differences into account) for us to e-mail the URL from which you can access the book file.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Customers The Global Sourcebook is used by hundreds of companies, including many of the largest, most forward-thinking and quality conscious.  Most of our customers prefer to remain nameless for competitive or other reasons, and we respect this.  Some have provided reviews, above.  Others include: ALLM Marketing, Bournemouth, UK AND, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Brann Ltd, UK CMR Group, Teddington, UK Cognitum Database Marketing Services, Little Kimble, UK ComponentSource, Kennesaw, GA, USA . ComponentSource used The Global Source-Book to help define requirements for a new software component.  This led to the development of AFD Software's award winning Address 2000 product DataFix, Toronto, Canada DISC Dynamic Information Systems Corporation, Boulder, CO, USA Electronic Theatre Controls, Middleton, WI, USA Emerson, St. Louis, MO, USA European Patent Office, Rijswijk, The Netherlands FUZZY! Informatik AG, Ludwigsburg, Germany Geodis, Clichy, France Global Address, Bristol UK Global DM, Horley, United Kingdom Hopewiser, Altrincham, UK. Hopewiser used The Global Source-Book as an information source when creating their Foreign Addresser software. Information Impact International, Inc., Brentwood, TN, USA J.M. Huber Corp., USA Maxon Telecom, Ålborg, Denmark MODULUS, South Africa Omni Tech Trans, LLC, Atlanta, GA, USA Oracle Corporation, Nashua, NH, USA Parity Computing, San Diego, CA, USA Protech Systems, USA PTV AG, Karlsruhe, Germany. As a leading provider of technology for travel, transportation and traffic planning, PTV AG uses The Global Source-Book for support with refinements in worldwide digital geography Sample Answers Ltd, Teddington, UK Serials International, USA The Software Bureau, Orpington, United Kingdom State Street Consultants, Inc., Boston, MA, USA Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated, UK TechInfo, UK Vicinity Corporation, Lebanon, NH, USA Vibe Events Ltd, London, UK Xoom Corporation, San Francisco, CA, USA If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us.
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