The Global Sourcebook for International Data Management. (Previously: The Global Source Book for Name and Address Data Management) by Graham Rhind The Global Sourcebook, a solid, reliable and up to date resource with all you need to know about international data in one place, and published since 1994, is now a free resource, supported by donations, sponsorship and advertising. ENTER THE GLOBAL SOURCEBOOK This resource, a recognised standard reference, contains over 2500 pages (when printed, over 3500 pages in the web version) of data pertaining to over 245 countries and territories. It is intended to help you to populate and utilize your international database in the most effective and accurate way; to ensure that you can put your data to its best use and to maintain your advantage, without causing any unnecessary irritation to those people within your database. It not only allows you not to irritate you customers, it can also help you to impress them with your knowledge and concern for accuracy and localized marketing norms. This is the most complete reference work of its type available. We have spent over 25 years in research to bring you this data, so that you do not need to spend years doing the same. Essential for the success of CRM, data management and database marketing initiatives. The contents include: Formatting an international address Address formats for web forms - sample web form layouts for optimal data collection and field labels in other languages Place names in English World Personal Name Formats World Address Formats World Postal Code Formats - includes regular expressions to validate postal codes for all countries with codes World Post office box Indicators World Postal Country Code indicators World currencies and currency codes ISO 3166 codes table Diacritical Marks used in different languages Language Scripts Job Titles in different languages Forms of address Country names: country names (not all for all countries) in over 110 different languages Muslim personal names: a short guide Mail Return Codes and translations in 10 different languages Standards and Coding Systems Number formats Country chapters, containing (to a greater or lesser extent) information about: o postal code formats o address formats/examples o personal names and their formation o personal forms of address o language issues o street and building types o post office box indicators o casing rules o places names in local and international languages o date and time formats o telephone number formats o number formats o and much more! Postal code maps, graphics and photographs If you have any questions about any of our products, or would like to order them, please contact us.
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