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Procedure - definition(s)

Procedure - A document containing steps that specify how to perform a process.

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Procedure - The steps in a process and how these steps are to be performed for the process to fulfill a customer's requirements; usually documented.

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Procedure - A procedure is a way of carrying out a process or activity.

According to ISO 9000, procedures may or may not be documented. However, in most cases, ISO 9001 expects you to document your procedures.

Documented procedures can be very general or very detailed, or anywhere in between. While a general procedure could take the form of a simple flow diagram, a detailed procedure could be a one page form or it could be several pages of text.

A detailed procedure defines and controls the work that should be done, and explains how it should be done, who should do it, and under what circumstances. In addition, it explains what authority and what responsibility has been allocated, which inputs should be used, and what outputs should be generated.

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Procedures - Procedures are the largest volume of instructional content representing practical knowledge; they include all types of human decisioning such as guides, help text, methods, instructions, policies, regulations, standards and technical practices. A procedure is a set of conditional instructions that affects the human interactions involving customers, information workers and service suppliers. These instructions involve a sequence of nano-decisions (minuscule decisions) with each decisioning path leading to an outcome. These sets of instructions are the procedural components and these components may be linked together. A Decision Rights Owner is responsible for a repository of procedural components and the links to other related procedural components belonging to other Decision Rights Owners.

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Procedure - A specified way to perform an activity.

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Procedures - Documented processes that are used when work affects more than one function or department of an organization.

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procedure - [programming] In software, a block of code that performs some task. Procedures are commonly used to organize code into reusable units. In object-oriented programming, a procedure that is specific to an object or class is called a method.

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