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Process Control

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Process control - definitions

Process control - The systematic evaluation of performance of a process, taking corrective action if performance is not acceptable according to defined standards.

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Process control - The method for keeping a process within boundaries; the act of minimizing the variation of a process.

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Process control -

   1.The features or mechanisms that control the execution of a Process, including process initiation, selection of process steps, selection of alternative steps, iteration of steps within a loop, and process termination.
   2. Controlling mechanisms that ensure that a Process is conducted to maximum cost-effectiveness, including Entry Criteria, formal procedure specifications, and Exit Criteria.

In development or manufacturing processes, the rate of Variations that reveal themselves as work product Defects is in general inversely proportional to the degree in which the process is formalised and followed. Or, poor processes produce bugs ...

See Common Cause, Special Causes.

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