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Reengineering - definitions

Reengineering : A method for radical transformation of business processes to achieve breakthrough improvements in performance

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Reengineering - The radical transformation of a postal business process to achieve orders of magnitude improvement in one or more performance measures relating to fitness-for-purpose, Quality_, cycle time, and cost; usually requiring the application of technology enablers. Reengineering projects typically take a minimum of 2 years to complete.

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Reengineering - A breakthrough approach for restructuring an entire organization and its processes.

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Reengineering - Also called Business Process Quality_ Management or Process Management. The concept of defining macro and micro processes, assigning ownership, and creating responsibilities of the owners.

Reengineering is about achieving dramatic, breakthrough improvements often by the application of new technologies. It is the opposite of Kaizen (many gradual improvements) and reflected a return to Western 'Macho' management ideas. The approach was developed by Hammer and Champy.

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