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Repository - definitions

Repository : A database for storing information about objects of interest to the enterprise, especially those required in all phases of database and application development. A repository can contain all objects related to the building of systems including code, objects, pictures, definitions, etc. Acts as a basis for documentation and code generation specifications that will be used further in the systems development life cycle. Also referred to as design dictionary, encyclopedia, object-oriented dictionary, and knowledge base.

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Repository - In a data context, a repository is a collection of information. Metadata repositories, for example, collect metadata about IT systems, applications, or other subjects.

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Repository - A location, physical or logical, where databases supporting similar classes of applications are stored.

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Repository - A mechanism for storing any information about the definition of a system at any point in its life-cycle. Repository services would typically be provided for extensibility, recovery, integrity, naming standards, and a wide variety of other management functions.

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Repository - Software in which metadata is stored, manipulated and defined - a repository is normally associated with a corporate Data Management_ initiative.

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repository - In information technology, a repository is a central place in which an aggregation of data is kept and maintained in an organized way, usually in computer storage. The term is from the Latin repositorium, a vessel or chamber in which things can be placed, and it can mean a place where things are collected. Depending on how the term is used, a repository may be directly accessible to users or may be a place from which specific databases, files, or documents are obtained for further relocation or distribution in a network. A repository may be just the aggregation of data itself into some accessible place of storage or it may also imply some ability to selectively extract data. Related terms are data warehouse and data mining.

Related glossary terms: operational data store / datastore (ODS), Multidimensional Database (MDDB) (MDB) / Multi-Dimensional Database

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