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Return on Investment (ROI)

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Return on Investment (ROI) - definitions

Return on Investment (ROI) : A statement of the relative profitability generated as a result of a given investment. 

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Return on investment (ROI) - return on investment (ROI) is the financial success measure of a Direct Marketing_ activity.

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Return on Investment (ROI) - A measurement of the expected benefit of an investment. Calculated by dividing the average increase in financial benefit (taken over an agreed number of years) by the investment.

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Return on Investment - Financial metric that measures the ratio of money gained or lost on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. Commonly abbreviated ROI.

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Return on Investment (ROI) - In direct response, the return on investment is one of the main ways to measure the effectiveness and profitability of any given promotional effort. Since response starts very quickly, dollars from an effort often permit multiple use of a given investment as the charges against that investment are being paid off, thus providing a particularly attractive "return" on the original dollars put to risk.

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Return on Investment (ROI) - Describes the calculation of the financial return on a business initiative that incurs some cost.

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Return on Investment - A financial measure used to quantify the desirability of promoting a particular effort. Return on Investment compares the benefits returned to the enterprise against the cost required to implement it. It is usually expressed as a ratio.

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Return on Investment (ROI) - The time it takes improvements in revenue or cost savings directly related to a company's particular investment to exceed the total cost of that investment.

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Return on Investment - ROI - Return on investment (ROI) with respect to a project, or Project ROI, is an indicator used to measure the financial savings/gain (or loss) of a project in relation to its cost. Typically, it is used in determining whether a project will yield positive financial benefits and in turn be given approval to proceed.

The formula for determining project ROI is: Project ROI = (Financial Gain or Loss - Project Cost / Project Cost) X 100.

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Return on Investment (ROI) - The profit (or loss) on an investment. There are various ways to view and calculate ROI, however for most marketing campaigns the key metrics include the profits from incremental sales less the cost of the campaign (e.g. direct mail and postage costs).

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Return on investment (ROI) - ROI is also known as rate of profit. It is the ratio of money gained or lost on an investment relative to the amount of money invested.

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