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Scatter Diagram / Scatter Plot / Scatter Chart

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Scatter Diagram / Scatter Plot / Scatter Chart - definitions

Scatter Diagram - A graphical technique to analyze the relationship between two variables. Two sets of data are plotted on a graph, with the y-axis being used for the variable to be predicted and the x-axis being used for the variable to make the prediction. The graph will show possible relationships (although two variables might appear to be related, they might not be; those who know most about the variables must make that evaluation). One of the seven tools of Quality .

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Scatter Plot - A scatter plot, also called a scatter diagram or a scattergram, is a basic graphic tool that illustrates the relationship between two variables. The dots on the scatter plot represent data points. See the tool Scatter Plot.

Scatter plots are used with variable data to study possible relationships between two different variables. Even though a scatter plot depicts a relationship between variables, it does not indicate a cause and effect relationship. Use Scatter plots to determine what happens to one variable when another variable changes value. It is a tool used to visually determine whether a potential relationship exists between an input and an outcome.

Scatterplot - A graph of the points representing a collection of data, is one of the most useful techniques for gaining insight into the relationship between two variables.

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Scatter Diagram - charts which allow the study of correlation (relationship between two variables).

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scatter chart - [statistics] A chart in which each data point is marked against perpendicular x- and y-axes. Scatter charts are frequently used in analysis to find data trends.

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