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Taguchi Methods

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Taguchi Methods - definitions

Taguchi Methods - The American Supplier Institute's trademarked term for the quality engineering methodology developed by Genichi Taguchi. In this engineering approach to Quality_ control, Taguchi calls for off-line Quality_ control, on-line Quality_ control and a system of experimental design to improve Quality_ and reduce costs.

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Taguchi Method - A technique for designing and performing experiments to investigate processes where the output depends on many factors (variables; inputs) without having to tediously and uneconomically run the process using all possible combinations of values of those variables. By systematically choosing certain combinations of variables it is possible to separate their individual effects.

A special variant of Design of Experiments (DOE) that distinguishes itself from classic DOE in the focus on optimizing design parameters to minimize variation BEFORE optimizing design to hit mean target values for output parameters.

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