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Undeliverable / Undeliverable Mail

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Undeliverable / Undeliverable Mail - definitions

Undeliverables - A nixie - a piece returned as not being deliverable. Pertains to Third Class Pieces "Undeliverable as addressed". These are returned to sender if fee for such service is authorized, otherwise they are trashed by the USPS. Undeliverable first class is so marked and return to sender. See Nixie.

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Undeliverable Mail -  Mail that for any reason cannot be delivered to the addressee. This category also includes any mail the delivery of which is prohibited by law or is refused by the addressee. Mail is also considered undeliverable if it does not bear a complete address, the addressee has moved without providing a forwarding address, it is refused by the addressee or the postage due is not paid by the customer, or the addressee, on demand. [envoi non distribuable]

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