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Validity - definitions

Validity - A characteristic of Information Quality_ measuring the degree to which the data conforms to defined business rules. Validity is not synonymous with accuracy, which means the values are the correct values. A value may be a valid value, but still be incorrect. For example, a customer date of first service can be a valid date (within the correct range) and yet not be an accurate date.

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Source: Larry English, External, 14-Feb-2009 11:28 

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Validity - The ability of a feedback instrument to measure what it was intended to measure; also, the degree to which inferences derived from measurements are meaningful.

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Source: American Society for Quality, 28 October 2010 09:32:50, External

Validity - The extent to which an assessment measures what it is supposed to measure and the extent to which inferences and actions made on the basis of test scores are appropriate and accurate.

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Australian Bureau of Statistics, 28 November 2012 11:20:02, External  

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