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Value - definition(s)

Value - (1) Relative worth, utility, or importance. (2) An abstraction with a single attribute or characteristic that can be compared with other values, and may be represented by an encoding of the value. 

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Value - The computer representation of a fact about an entity.

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Values - The fundamental beliefs that drive organizational behavior and decision making.

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Value - Value=Function/cost

Value is the exchange for which customer pays.

Value can also equate to Quality_ over Cost, ie the higher the Quality_ the lower should be the cost in the real context.It can also construed being tha higher the Quality_ is the higher the cost of implementing it, but this is not the kind we talk about.No doubt that some times it takes higher cost to improve Quality_ but in the long term cost like hidden, opportunity cost will be reduced perpertually.

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Value - According to ISO 9004, your values are the general principles and beliefs that are important to your organization.

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(1) [mathematics] A measurable quantity that may be passed to a function. Values are either assigned or determined by calculation.

(2) [graphics (computing)] The lightness or darkness of a color.

(3) [physics] The brightness of a color or how much light it reflects; for instance, blue, light blue, dark blue.

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Value – all that available data will create a lot of value for organizations, societies and consumers. Big data means big business and every industry will reap the benefits from big data.

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