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Zone - definitions

Zone: a part of an address, usually a secondary street address line, indicating an area which is not an administrative district, for example "Orchard Industrial Estate".

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Zone - A number that expresses the distance that a zone rate mailpiece must travel from point of entry to point of delivery. It is based on the air mileage along a great circle line between three-digit ZIP Code prefix areas of dispatch and receipt. This mileage range is converted to a zone number. The USPS uses eight numbered postal zones and one local zone for computing postage on mail.

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zone -

   (1) [analysis/geoprocessing] All cells in a raster with the same value, regardless of whether or not they are contiguous.
   (2) [geocoding] Additional information about a location or address, used to narrow a geocoding search and increase search speed. Address elements and their related locations such as city, postal code, or country all can act as a zone.

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