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Address formats for web forms

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Though each country chapter provides an overview of address formats, this section summarises these in a number of formats as they might be used for data collection for that country.

Addresses vary within countries as well as between them – these are a guideline only.

This section may be used as reference to create dynamic forms that build themselves on the basis of a country chosen by the customer. They show sample formats covering street addresses being gathered with the building number collected in a separate field, those without the building number being separated, and for mailing addresses.

They assume that the address is of a company rather than of an individual: additional fields such as those for gathering personal name data, company name, department name and so on would need to be added as required – these cover the address fields only.

Sorting code, where present in a country’s address format, is assumed to be collected with the place name in its field.

These formats also assume that you will reproduce the address block format pattern with the fields of the web form. Where you do not do this (i.e. you place fields beneath each other rather than next to each other), you can merge some of the formats as the order of the elements is the same though the placing is not.

For information on optimal international name and address data collection, download the free e-book from here External

Street address formats with building numbers asked separately

Street address formats without building numbers asked separately

Mailing address formats

Field labels

Note: No formats are provide for North Korea, British Indian Ocean Territories (which uses the military address formats of other countries), French Southern Territories (mail sent via Réunion), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (military address format), Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands (mail sent via Norway) and United States Minor Outlying Islands (uninhabited).

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