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Exonyms in Turkish

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Exonyms in Turkish

Explanation of the terms endonym and exonym here External. Return to exonyms summary page here

More information about these places is to be found in the country chapters. For technical reasons, all alternative place name versions in the lists below have been labelled as "exonyms", even though it may be a local-language alternative form.

Alternate place name forms/postal code tables can be acquired at External

Other language place name data can be acquired at External

Exonyms in Turkish External

Endonym/Exonym Turkish
Exonyms in Albania Lezhë → Leş
Peshkopi → Debre-i Zir
Exonyms in Bulgaria Бургас or Burgas → Burgaz
Добрич or Dobrič or Dobrich → Haciğlu Pazarcik
Кърджали or Kârdzâli → Kircaali
Никопол or Nikopol → Niğbolu
Пловдив or Plovdiv → Filibe
Русе or Ruse → Rusçuk
София or Sofiya → Sofya
Хасково or Haskovo → Hasköy
Exonyms in Hungary Eger → Eğri
Kaposvár → Kapoşvar
Mohács → Mohaç
Nagykanizsa → Kanije
Szigetvár → Zigetvar
Exonyms in Lebanon Şūr or صور → Sur
Exonyms in North Macedonia Debar or Дебaр → Debre
Kičevo or Кичево → Kırçova
Tetovo or Тетово → Kalkandelen
Exonyms in Romania Brăila → İbrail
Caransebeş → Karansebeş
Constanţa → Köstence
Galaţi → Kalas
Ineu → Yanova
Lipova → Lipva
Oradea → Vel’ký Varadín
Orşova → Varat
Reşiţa → Reşçe
Timişoara → Temeşvar

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