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Data Cleansing - definition(s)

Data Cleansing : An informationscrap-and-rework process to correct data errors in a collection of data in order to bring the level of quality to an acceptable level to meet the information customers' needs.

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Data Cleansing - Also referred to as data scrubbing. Data Cleansing is the process of detecting dirty data in a database (data that is incorrect, out-of-date, redundant, incomplete, or formatted incorrectly) and then removing and/or correcting the data. Data cleansing is often necessary to bring consistency to different sets of data that have been merged from separate databases. Cleansing data involves consolidating data within a database by removing inconsistent data, removing duplicates and reindexing existing data in order to achieve the most accurate and concise database. It can involve manual tasks or processes automated by special Data Quality tools. A particular type of Data Cleansing is Address Cleansing, in which street addresses are converted to a standard format as set forth by the U.S. Postal Service master database. For example, standard abbreviations are utilized, typos are corrected and ZIP codes are converted to 9-digit format. Address cleansing is usually done in conjunction with address matching, a process that validates an address against one of the 57 million addresses in the USPS database.

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Data Cleansing - The act of data validating and/or data auditing and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records from a record set, table, or database.

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Data Cleansing - Removing errors and inconsistencies from data being imported into a data warehouse.

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Data Cleansing - the process of eliminating inaccuracies, irregularities, and discrepancies from data.

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Data Cleansing - The process of manipulating the data extracted from operational systems so as to make it usable by the data warehouse. When loading data from existing operational systems, it is likely that few if any of the operational systems will have data to present in a format which is compatible with the data model developed for the Warehouse. For example, a product number may be held as a numeric field in one system while a second system appends an alpha suffix to the number for reporting purposes.

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Data Cleansing - The transformation of data in its current state to a pre-defined, standardized format using packaged software or program modules.

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Data Cleansing - The process of removing inaccuracies in data or databases such as missing elements, incorrect postcodes or names.

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Data Cleansing - The process of detecting records in a database that are corrupt, incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, irrelevant, out of date, etc. and then replacing, modifying or deleting such records.

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Cleansing (Data cleansing) - Data cleansing, data cleaning, of data scrubbing is het proces van het ontdekken en corrigeren (of verwijderen) van corrupte, incomplete of niet zuivere records van een dataset, tabel of database.

Datacleansing wordt meestal gebruikt in databases en de term refereert naar het identificeren naar de vervuilde delen in de data om deze te vervangen, te verplaatsen of zelfs te verwijderen uit de vervuilde data.

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Data Cleansing - The process of ensuring that a program operates on clean, correct and useful data. It includes manipulation of data - using a variety of techniques: parsing, standardizing, correcting, and consolidating- extracted from operational systems so as to make it usable by the data warehouse.

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data scrubbing (data cleansing) - Data scrubbing, also called data cleansing, is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. An organization in a data-intensive field like banking, insurance, retailing, telecommunications, or transportation might use a data scrubbing tool to systematically examine data for flaws by using rules, algorithms, and look-up tables. Typically, a database scrubbing tool includes programs that are capable of correcting a number of specific type of mistakes, such as adding missing zip codes or finding duplicate records. Using a data scrubbing tool can save a database administrator a significant amount of time and can be less costly than fixing errors manually.

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Data cleansing – the process of reviewing and revising data in order to delete duplicates, correct errors and provide consistency.

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data cleansing - The act of reviewing and revising data to remove duplicate entries, correct misspellings, add missing data, and provide more consistency.

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Data Cleansing - A procedure involving a detailed review and cleansing of the data the purpose of which is to eliminate errors both visual and tabular prior to loading to the geospatial data repository.

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Data cleansing - The act of detecting and removing and/or correcting data that is incorrect, out-of-date, redundant, incomplete, or formatted incorrectly. Also referred to as data cleaning or data scrubbing.

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data cleansing: An information scrap-and-rework process that corrects data errors in a collection of data to bring the quality of the data to an acceptable level to meet the information customers' needs. Data cleansing is the act of detecting and correcting or removing corrupt or inaccurate records from a recordset, table, or database.

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Data Cleansing - Unter Data Cleansing versteht man das Entfernen und Korrigieren von fehlerhaften Daten in unternehmenseigene Datenbanken oder Informationssystemen. Als fehlerhafte gelten beispielsweise inkorrekte, redundante oder falsch formatierte Daten. Mögliche Werkzeuge fürData Cleansing Projekte External bei Kundendaten sind Adressanalyse und -formatierung, Dublettenabgleich, Telefonnummernprüfung oder aber auch Bankdaten-Check.

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