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Record - definition(s)

Record : A collection of related fields representing an occurrence of an entity type

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Record - A record is the collection of all fields from a database for a specific customer or prospect on a mailing list.

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Record - Synonymous with row and tuple. An instance of data in a table, a record is a collection of all the facts related to one physical or conceptual entity; often referring to a single object or person, usually represented as a row of data in a table, and sometimes referred to as a tuple in some, particularly older, database management systems.

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Record - A name and address entry on a file. A self-contained collection of information about a single object. A record is made up of a number of distinct items, called fields.

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Record - n a non-relational database system, a record is an entry in a file, consisting of individual elements of information, which together provide full details about an aspect of the information needed by the system. Individual elements are held in fields and all records are held in files. An example of a record might be an employee. Every detail of the employee, for example, date of birth, department code, or full names will be found in a number of fields. In a relational system, record is an alternate word for row.

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Record - A record is a type of document. Records provide evidence that activities have been performed or results have been achieved. They always document the past. Records can, for example, be used to show that traceability requirements are being met, that verification is being performed, and that preventive and corrective actions are being carried out.

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Record (Quality_) - A document that furnishes objective evidence of the Quality_ of items or activities and that has been verified and authenticated as technically complete and correct. Records may include photographs, drawings, magnetic tape, and other data recording media.

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Record - In a relational database, a record is a compilation of information and data relating to a unique entity. For example, a database record for a company might include company name, address, phone, fax, contact person, etc. Records are frequently organized as rows.

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(1) [database structures] A set of related data fields, often a row in a database, containing all the attribute values for a single feature. For example, in an address database, the fields that together provide the address for a specific individual comprise one record. In the SQL query language, a record is analogous to a tuple. (2) [database structures] A row in a table.

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record - 1) In computer data processing, a record is a collection of data items arranged for processing by a program. Multiple records are contained in a file or data set. The organization of data in the record is usually prescribed by the programming language that defines the record's organization and/or by the application that processes it. Typically, records can be of fixed-length or be of variable length with the length information contained within the record.

2) In a database, a record (sometimes called a row) is a group of fields within a table that are relevant to a specific entity. For example, in a table called customer contact information, a row would likely contain fields such as: ID number, name, street address, city, telephone number and so on.

3) In Virtual Telecommunications Access Method, IBM's proprietary telecommunications access method for mainframes and part of its Systems Network Architecture (SNA), a record is the unit of data that is transmitted from sender to receiver.

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