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Data Integrity

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Data Integrity - definition(s)

Data Integrity - The accuracy, consistency, correctness, and soundness of a body of information.

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Data Integrity - A performance measure based on the rate of undetected errors.

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Data Integrity - The formal definition of comprehensive rules and the consistent application of those rules to assure high integrity data. It consists of techniques to determine how well data are maintained in the data resource and to ensure that the data resource contains data that have high integrity. Data integrity includes techniques for data value integrity, data structure integrity, data retention integrity, and data derivation integrity.

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Data Integrity - The quality of the data residing in the database objects. The measurement which users consider when analyzing the value and reliability of the data.

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data integrity - [Data Quality] The degree to which the data in a database is accurate and consistent according to data model and data type.

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data integrity - The measure of trust an organization has in the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and validity of the data.

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