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Defect - definitions

Defect - (1) In IQ, a quality characteristic of a data element, such as completeness or accuracy that does not meet its quality standard or meet customer expectation. A record may have as many defects for a quality characteristic as it has data elements. Compare to Defective; (2) A quality characteristic of an item or a component that does not conform to its quality standard or meet customer expectation.

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Defect - A product's or servintended requirement or reasonable expectation for use, including safety considerations. There are four classes of defects: class 1, very serious, leads directly to severe injury or catastrophic economic loss; class 2, serious, leads directly to significant injury or significant economic loss; class 3, major, is related to major problems with respect to intended normal or reasonably foreseeable use; and class 4, minor, is related to minor problems with respect to intended normal or reasonably foreseeable use. Also see blemish, imperfection and Nonconformity / Non-conformity / Nonconformance .

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Defect - Any type of undesired result is a defect. A failure to meet one of the acceptance criteria of your customers. A defective unit may have one or more defects. 'A defect is a failure to conform to requirements' (Crosby, 'Quality Is Free'), whether or not those requirements have been articulated or specified. The Non-Conformance to intended usage requirement.

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Defect - An event of nonconformance to specification. Occurrence is measured in DPU, DPO, DPMO or Sigma Level. A given unit may have any number of defects - based on the number of opportunities. An unit with one or more defects is defective. Defects are caused by errors and measured using c-chart or u-chart. A binomial distribution characterizes defectives.

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