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List Broker

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List Broker - definitions

List Broker - A list broker is a specialist who helps mailers to select mailing lists and coordinates the procurement of mailing lists. List brokers typically have access to research systems that enable them to search all lists available on the market and to produce recommendations and purchase orders. Using a list broker to purchase mailing lists does not typically cost more than buying directly because they are paid a commission typically 20% on the base rate by the list owner.

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List Broker - A service to handle all details to bring the buyer (the list owner) and the seller (the list owner) together.

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List Broker - A list broker acts as an agent for those who wish to conduct Direct Marketing_ campaigns via direct mail, email or telemarketing. List brokers usually do not have ready made lists but act as "go-betweens" matching list owners to those who wish to buy or rent lists, receiving a commission from the list owners. Additionally, many list brokers supply their client with information, pricing guidelines and other advice about purchasing or renting lists.

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