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Nonconformity / Non-conformity / Nonconformance

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Nonconformity / Non-conformity / Nonconformance - definition(s)

Nonconformity - The nonfulfillment of a specified requirement. Also see blemish, defect and imperfection.

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Source: American Society for Quality, 05 October 2010 09:24:37, External

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Non-Conformity - A departure of a quality characteristic from its intended level or state that occurs with severity sufficient to cause an associated product or service not to meet a specification requirement.  

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Nonconformity - Nonconformity refers to a failure to comply with requirements.

A requirement is a need, expectation, or obligation. It can be stated or implied by an organization, its customers, or other interested parties.

There are many types of requirements. Some of these include quality requirements, customer requirements, management requirements, product requirements, and legal requirements. Whenever your organization fails to meet one of these requirements, a nonconformity occurs. ISO 9001 lists quality management system requirements. When your organization deviates from these requirements, a nonconformity occurs.

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Nonconformance - A deficiency in a characteristic, documentation, or procedure that renders the quality of an item or activity unacceptable or indeterminate; nonfulfillment of a specified requirement.

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Nonconformance - Nonconformance is product or material which does not conform to the customer requirements or specifications.

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Nonconformity - Nonconformity is a process which does not conform to a quality system requirement.

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