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Normal Form

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Normal form - definitions

Normal form : A level of normalisation that characterises a group of attributes or data elements. 

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Normal form -

   1) A condition of tables and databases intended to reduce data redundancy and improve performance.
   2) Rules and processes for putting tables and databases into normal form.

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Normal form - A state of a relation that can be determined by applying simple rules regarding dependencies to that relation.

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normal form - [database structures] A set of guidelines for designing table and data structures in a relational database. When followed, normal form guidelines prevent data redundancy, increase database efficiency, and reduce consistency errors. A database is said to be in First Normal Form (1NF), second normal form (2NF), third normal form (3NF), and so on, depending on the level of normal form guidelines followed in its design. In practice, 3NF is commonly used, but higher levels are rarely used.

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