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Quality Improvement

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Quality Improvement - definition(s)

Quality improvement : A measurable and noticeable improvement in the level of quality of a process and its resulting product.

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Source: Larry English, External, 07-Feb-2009 12:41

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Quality improvement - Process designed to ensure translation quality, in which the overall goal is to enhance performance.

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Source: Common Sense Advisory, 23 January 2010 11:15:09, External

Quality improvement - A systematic and continuous activity to improve all processes and systems in the organization to achieve optimal level of performance.

The organized creation of beneficial changes in process performance levels.

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Source: iSixSigma, 18 February 2011 10:02:43, External

Quality improvement - Quality improvement refers to anything that enhances an organization's ability to meet quality requirements. Quality improvement is one part of quality management.

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Source: Praxium Research Group Ltd, 12 March 2011 10:34:15, External

Quality improvement - A management program for improving the quality of operations. Such management programs generally entail a formal mechanism for encouraging worker recommendations with timely management evaluation and feedback or implementation.

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Source: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, 25 March 2011 09:45:40, External

Quality improvement - Quality is inversely proportional to variability. Quality Improvement is the reduction of variability in products and processes.

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Source: The Quality Portal, 19 April 2011 11:15:01, External


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