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Sample - definitions

Sample - An item or subset of items, or data about an item or a subset of items that comes from a sampling frame or a population. A sample is used for the purpose of acquiring knowledge about the entire population.

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Sample - In acceptance sampling, one or more units of product (or a quantity of material) drawn from a lot for purposes of inspection to reach a decision regarding acceptance of the lot.

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Sample - A statistically-significant subset selected and analyzed to estimate the characteristics of a larger group or population; a set of individuals within an organization assessed to provide information on the preferences, opinions, attitudes, and practices of the group they represent.

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Sample - A Sample is a portion of the whole collection of items (population). An estimate of a larger group of people or items; also called a subgroup. A portion or subset of units taken from the population whose characteristics that would be used for analysis are considered to be identical with a notion that any unit can represent the population.

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Sample - one or more observations from a larger collection (population) - samples need to be random, independent and unbiased.

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sample - (Publications Mail terminology)

* trial or trial-sized item or specimen intended to indicate the nature of the product

* may be an actual product provided that it is intended as a trial to be used, displayed or worn by the reader of the publication

* scent strips and beauty seals are not considered Samples and are priced and weighed with the host publication some examples of Samples include: food, personal care items and household products


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