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Source Guide

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source guide - (Publications Mail terminology)

* a special annual edition/issue of the host publication provided as an editorial service to the specific market served by the host publication and included in its annual editorial schedule

* a source guide that is available to "members only" or available as part of a membership package is considered fulfilment, therefore priced as a co-packaged item

* it is comprised of printed matter of bound pages whose format is similar to the host publication, including a cover that is prominently "branded" with the title logo of the host publication and the words "SOURCE GUIDE" or "BUYER'S GUIDE"

* may contain an alphabetical or classified listing of names, addresses and/or other data, and must contain editorial and advertising relating to the host publication

* a source guide or buyer's guide may be enclosed with, or be a regular issue of, the host publication

* magazine and tabloid formats may be combined as long as the host publication and enclosure(s) are of similar dimension to ensure ease of handling of the item

* spiral binding may be accepted as long as it is wrapped or overcovered (to appear perfect bound) to ensure ease of handling

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