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Subtype / Sub-type

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Subtype / Sub-type - definitions

subtype - [database structures] In geodatabases, a subset of features in a feature class or objects in a table that share the same attributes. For example, the streets in a streets feature class could be categorized into three subtypes: local streets, collector streets, and arterial streets. Creating subtypes can be more efficient than creating many feature classes or tables in a geodatabase. For example, a geodatabase with a dozen feature classes that have subtypes will perform better than a geodatabase with a hundred feature classes. Subtypes also make editing data faster and more accurate because default attribute values and domains can be set up. For example, a local street subtype could be created and defined so that whenever this type of street is added to the feature class, its speed limit attribute is automatically set to 35 miles per hour.

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Sub-type - A subset of a larger group of entities; the child in a parent-child relationship. For instance, "women" are a subset of "people." A sub-type entity is always involved in an inheritance relationship with a parent super-type. The resulting table can inherit certain attributes from the parent or be consolidated (along with other sub-types) into the parent table.

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