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TRIZ - definitions

TRIZ - A Russian acronym for a theory of innovative problem solving.

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TRIZ - TRIZ (pronounced "TREEZ", the Russian acronym for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is an established science, methodology, tools and knowledge- and model-based technology for stimulating and generating innovative ideas and solutions for problem solving. It is short for Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch.

Historically it has been widely spread in Eastern Europe, particularly in the countries of the former USSR and is a part of many university-, college-, school-education programmes.

TRIZ science expands system engineering approaches and provides powerful systemic methods and tools for problem formulation, system- and failure analysis, both as-is and could be, i.e. system patterns of evolution.

Original TRIZ was mostly applicable for analysis and innovative problem solving for manufacturing processes, e.g. process/product/performance improvement, failure correction etc.

TRIZ basic postulates, methods and tools, including training methodologies invented by H.Altshuller are now further developed and significantly enhanced by his followers, researchers and trainers, particularly known as I-TRIZ.

I-TRIZ also adopts the methodology and tools for new applications, like transactional processes( e.g., innovative service design and engineering, business development etc.).

Advanced I-TRIZ methods and tools can be used for enhancing Six Sigma methodology, both DMAIC and IMADV or DFSS, especially when Six Sigma methods and tools are by different reasons inefficient and/or insufficient.

It allows particularly to save time, find efficient low-cost improvement solutions already at the Define or Identify phase, efficiently screen measurements, avoid errors and reduce rework and consequently the Cost of Poor Quality_ of Six Sigma e.g. when determining the root causes of defects, designing for upgrade from 2-3-4 to higher sigma levels etc.

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TRIZ - TRIZ, the Russian language acronym for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving is a product of the cataloguing and analysis of empirical data. A structured methodology which contains an algorithm for isolating the principal technology / engineering conflict which limits or prevents satisfactory performance of a system. The identified conflict is then categorized using established physical laws, principles, or relationships, thereby enabling fundamental solutions to be derived based upon proven (sometimes previously unrelated) technology.

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