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Workflow - definitions

Workflow - The movement of data, documents, or tasks through a work process; generally used in the context of technologies that automate workflows. Data Governance_ programs often strive to address workflows by embedding governance controls (e.g., approvals, decision steps) or by providing loop-outs to governance processes (e.g., issue resolution, change control).

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Workflow - The automation of a process or series of processes through the linking of tasks and activities. The software that automatically routes tasks, notifications and records to predefined or user selected destinations such as users, departments, or business units.

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Workflow - The operational movement of documents, data, applications, tasks, etc. Many software systems exist to support workflows in particular domains. Such systems manage tasks such as automatic routing, partially automated processing and integration between different functional software applications and hardware systems that contribute to the value-addition process underlying the workflow.

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   (1) [organizational issues] An organization's established processes for design, construction, and maintenance of programs, products, and business objectives.
   (2) [organizational issues] A set of tasks carried out in a certain order to achieve a goal.

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