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Exonyms in Rusyn

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Exonyms in Rusyn

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More information about these places is to be found in the country chapters. For technical reasons, all alternative place name versions in the lists below have been labelled as "exonyms", even though it may be a local-language alternative form.

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Exonyms in Rusyn External

Endonym/Exonym Rusyn
Exonyms in Serbia Kucura or Куцура → Коцур
Ruski Krstur or Руски Крстур → Руски Керестур
Zrenjanin or Зрењанин → Зрењанин
Exonyms in Slovakia Beloveza → Biloveza
Benatina → Benjatyna
Bodružal → Бодруджал or Bodruzal
Bogliarka → Boglarka
Cernina → Цернина or Cernyny
Davidov → Davydiv
Dedačov → Didaciv
Duplín → Дуплін or Duplyn
Frička → Frycka
Helcmanovce → Heľcmanovc
Jakubany → Jakubjany
Jarabina → Орябина or Oriabyna or Orjabyna
Kamienka → Kamjunka
Osturňa → Osturnja
Exonyms in Ukraine Ardanove → Ardanovo
Bereznyky → Bereznyk
Berezove → Berezovo
Bilovarci → Bilovarec’
Bistra → Bystryj
Borodivka → Barbovo
Borzavs’ke → Velyka Cengava
Brestiv → Brestov
Brid → Brod
Cerveneve → Cerven’ovo
Chabanivka → Bacovo
Cynadijeve → Cynadijeve
Dilove → Bilyj Potok
Dorobratove → Dorohbratovo
Mukacheve or Mukachevo or Мукачево → Mukachevo or Мукачево

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