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Privacy - definition(s)

Privacy - In a data context, this is the expectation that personal information will not be improperly disclosed.

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Source: The Data Governance Institute, 19 December 2009 09:31:55, External

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Privacy Consumer dissatisfaction, often exceedingly vocal, over possible utilization of attributes (as selection factors) which border on invasion of personal privacy; some items such as medical records, credit ratings, sexual interest are quite possibly beyond the pale. Common demographics, such as age, inferred income, size of family, length of residence, brand use, or car ownership are all reasonably acceptable by all but a small fringe group. It is likely though that more will have to be done by list compilers and list users to defuse what is now perhaps the number one problem in direct mail - the sector of government regulation of the list business - on the Internet.

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Privacy - Privacy is the ability of an individual to be left alone, out of public view, and in control of information about oneself.

One can distinguish the ability to prevent intrusion in one's physical space ("physical privacy", for example with regard to the protection of the private home) and the ability to control the collection and sharing of information about oneself ("informational privacy").

The concept of privacy therefore overlaps, but does not coincide, with the concept of data protection.

The right to privacy is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 12) as well as in the European Convention of Human Rights (Article 8).

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European Data Protection Supervisor, 30 July 2011 08:44:18, External

Confidentiality/privacy - These are two different, but interlinked topics.  Confidentiality is the ability to protect information such that only people authorized are able to use it.   Privacy is the right to control (usually to limit or forbid) the use of information.   Privacy may use confidentiality measures in order to achieve that control.   Sometimes this is related to digital rights management when information is computerized.   Digital rights management allows the provider of information do decide what the recipient can and cannot do with that information (usually for a price).

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privacy - The protection of personal information from unauthorized access by others.

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Source: Cornell University, 01 July 2013 08:39:52, External

Privacy – to seclude certain data / information about oneself that is deemed personal.

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