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Review - An evaluation of a Change, Problem, Process, Project etc. Reviews are typically carried out at predefined points in the Lifecycle, and especially after Closure. The purpose of a Review is to ensure that all Deliverables have been provided, and toentify opportunities for improvement. (Baseline ITIL definition)

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Review - A review is an activity. Its purpose is to figure out how well the thing being reviewed is capable of achieving established objectives. Reviews ask the following question: is the subject of the review a suitable, adequate, effective, and efficient way of achieving your organization's objectives?

There are many kinds of reviews. Some of these include management reviews, design and development reviews, customer requirement reviews, and nonconformity reviews. Relative to the previous types of reviews, the focus of each review is as follows: Quality_ management systems, design characteristics and specifications, customer requirements, and nonconformities, respectively.

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