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Outlier - definitions

Outlier - A sampled item that has a value or a frequency of its value far separated from those of the other items in the sample, indicating a possible anomaly or error, different population or a bias or error in the sampling technique.

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Outlier - An outlier is a data point that is located far from the rest of the data. Given a mean and standard deviation, a statistical distribution expects data points to fall within a specific range. Those that do not are called outliers and should be investigated.

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Outlier - An extreme observation that is shown to have a low probability of belonging to a specified data population.

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   (1) [statistics] An unusual or extreme data value in a dataset. In data analysis, outliers can potentially have a strong effect on results and so must be analyzed carefully to determine if they represent valid or erroneous data.
   (2) [geology] In geology, a feature that lies apart from the main body or mass to which it belongs: for example, a rock or stratum that has been separated from a formation by erosion.

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