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Specification - definitions

Specification - A formal definition of requirements. A specification may be used to define technical or Operational Requirements, and may be internal or external.

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Specification - A document that states the requirements to which a given product or service must conform.

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Specification - Customer's expectation for product or service deliverable/output. Parameters by which an output can be verified.

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Specification - A document stating requirements and referring to or including drawings or other relevant documents. Specifications should indicate the means and criteria for determining conformance.

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Specifications - Specifications are engineering requirements for judging the acceptability of a part characteristic. For the production part approval process, every feature of the product as identified by engineering specifications must be measured. Actual measurement and test results are required. Specifications should not be confused with control limits which represent "the voice of the process".

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specification - A document written by a consortium, vendor, or user that specifies a technological area with a well-defined scope, primarily for use by developers as a guide to implementation. A specification is not necessarily a formal standard.

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