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Zone Improvement Program Code (ZIP Code)

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Local synonym for postal codes for USA and territories covered by its postal services. See Postal code

Zip+4: ZIP + 4 is the standard USPS® 9-digit ZIP CodeTM. At this level of granularity, only a handful of addresses share the same postal code, making delivering letters and packages to the correct address a whole lot easier. [Category=Data Quality ]

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Zone Improvement Program Code (ZIP Code) - Established in 1963, the system of 5-digit codes that identifies the individual post office or metropolitan area delivery station associated with an address. The first three digits identify the delivery area of a sectional center facility or a major-city post office serving the delivery address area. The next two (the fourth and fifth) digits identify the delivery area of an associate post office, post office branch, or post office station. All post offices are assigned at least one unique 5-digit code. ZIP+4 is an enhanced code consisting of the 5-digit ZIP Code and four additional digits that identify a specific range of delivery addresses. ZIP Code is a USPS trademark. (Also see two-pass.) [Category=Postal ]

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ZIP+4 - The nine-digit numeric code, established in 1981, composed of two parts: (a) The initial code: the first five digits that identify the sectional center facility and delivery area associated with the address, followed by a hyphen; and (b) the four-digit expanded code: the first two additional digits designate the sector (a geographic area) and the last two digits designate the segment (a building, floor, etc.). ZIP+4 is a USPS trademark. [Category=Postal ]

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FIVE-DIGIT ZIP CODE A numeric code that identifies the addresses served by a specific post office and its branches. Mail that is presorted to the 5-digit level can earn postage discounts. [Category=Database Marketing ]

- A 5-digit number that identifies a specific piece of postal geography. The first digit identifies the postal region, the first three identify the city or Sectional Center Facility, and all five identify a specific post office. There are over 40,000 ZIP Codes, not including the unique ZIPS, within the US postal system.

Zip code areas range from a few dozen locations for smaller cities and towns to concentration of over 20,000 in major city markets. The average number of households in a 5-digit zip code is 4,000.

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