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Bosnia has been ravaged by civil war and, although currently at peace, there is still tension between the Serbs, Croats and Muslims. The country is divided into the Serb Republika Srbska and the Muslim and Croat federation, and there is little co-operation between the two regions.

The city of Brčko External has been put under international control.

For supplementary information, see links to post office home pages here External, to postal code pages here External and to other personal name and addressing issues pages here External.


Table of Contents

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Country information


Local short name form

Official name



3 358 744 (2022 estimate) [1]



1 Marka (ISO 4217=BAM). Though this is the official currency unit, each ethnic group tends to use currency from its neighbours – from Croatia or from Serbia.

International telephone access code


ISO 3166 country codes

Car nationality plate code


Internet country code


GRC Country Code


Bosnia-Hercegovina - Number format


(where , indicates the decimal separator and . the thousands separator)

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Date and time formats


   Note: This section last updated 31st March 2021

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Languages


Most of the population speak Serbo-Croatian External. Serbs use the Cyrillic script, Croats the Latin script. Given the ethnic tensions within the country, choosing the correct script and dialect for each correspondent is essential. There are also speakers of Vlach Romani External.

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Forms of address


Persons with an academic degree of a certain level will be addressed in this way:

   Male            Female
   Doktor           Doktorica        Medical degree or Ph.D.
   Inziner          Inzinjerka       Engineering degree.
   Magistar         Magistar         Masters degree.  Abbreviated to mr (note lower case!)

Personal names in Bosnia-Hercegovina


Personal names tend to follow the pattern:

   Surname[ ]Given name(s).

Married women typically take their husband’s surname, sometimes added to their own.

   Tables of names can be acquired: given names External, surnames/family names External, family name prefixes External, forms of address External, job titles External

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Company legal forms


Bosnian company types include:

   a.d. - akcionarsko društvo
   d.d. - dioničko društvo (Joint-stock company)
   d.j.l. - društvo jednog lica (sole trader)
   d.n.o. - društvo s neograničenom solidarnom odgovornošćub (Unlimited Joint Liability Company)
   d.o.o. - društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću (Limited Liability Company)
   k.d. - komanditno društvo (Limited Partnership) 
   Comprehensive tables of these strings can be acquired – see http:www.grcdi.nl/addresses.htm External

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Address format


Addresses are written as follows:

   Thoroughfare[ ]number
   postal code[ ]SETTLEMENT

For example


B.B. (bez broja)indicates “without number”.

For information pertaining to the position of the thoroughfare type in an address, please refer to the chapter on Croatia.

   A table containing information about the relevant position of elements within address blocks can be acquired External



Bosnia-Hercegovina - Post office box


This is written Postanski Fah or PF. in Serbo-Croatian.

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Postal codes


   Note: This section last updated 26th June 2015

The postal codes (Poštanski Brojevi) used consist of a block of 5 digits. Postal codes begin with the numbers 7, 80, 88 or 89. The first two digits indicate the postal region, the last three the post office.

   Metadata containing postal code formatting rules, exceptions and regular expressions can be acquired External

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Postal code format graphic


Bosnia-Hercegovina - Postal code format

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Postal code specifics

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Postal code regular expression


Bosnia-Hercegovina - Postal code level of coverage


Bosnia-Hercegovina - Postal code map

Bosnia Postal Code Areas Click on map for larger graphic

Place names in Bosnia-Hercegovina


   Note: This section last updated 22nd August 2014

Refer to Exonyms in Bosnia-Hercegovina for full lists of place names in Bosnia-Hercegovina in other languages.

Bosnia-Hercegovina - Administrative districts


   Note: This section last updated 2nd April 2011

Administrative districts graphic


Telephone numbers in Bosnia-Hercegovina


   Note: This section last updated 19th January 2014

All area codes (from abroad) have a length of two digits, fixed-line subscriber numbers have a length of 6 digits. Mobile numbers have the area codes 60-66 or 70 and a full length of 8 or 9 digits.

   Tables of telephone number information/formats can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/telephone.htm External 


  1. ^ citypopulation.de/en/bosnia/admin/ External 20230821

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