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Other addressing issues   Compiled by Graham Rhind. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for additions, please send a message. General Global Gazetteer (in English, from Falling Rain Genomics, Inc.) - This is a directory of over 2 million of the World's cities and towns, sorted by country and linked to a map for each town. A tab separated list is available for each country Getty Thesaurus of Geographic names (in English) - Type in the name of a settlement and get information such as history, location, administrative area, type of place and so on Geographic Names Information System (in English) - databases (2 million records) of geographic features and place names for the United States, and for other places on the globe Euradin - (in English) - European Address Infrastructure project International Mailing Address Formats - (in English) - from Bitboost.  A pretty decent collection of information on international address formats.  They're not very complimentary about this site, but I'm a great defender of free speech! International Address Formats - (in English) - "Frank's compulsive guide to postal addresses". A hefty collection of address format information, US-Centric, and mostly (but not always) correct International Address Formats - (in English) - formats for about 20 countries International Address Formats and forms of address - (in English) - some limited address format and form of address information International Address Formats - (in English) - formats for about 30 countries, unfortunately many incorrect. Apparently a mirror for the site above International Address Formats - (in English, from AddressDoctor) - address formats for most countries Address formats for about 35 countries - (In English, from Microsoft) List of world country names in English  - (in English) List of world country names in Spanish  - (in Spanish) List of world country names in French  - (in French) List of world country names, with capitals, currencies, ISO code etc.  - (in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish) - from the European Union Address Data Quality and Geocoding standards  - (in English) - an Amerocentric essay on this subject Administrative divisions of countries ("Statoids")  - (in English) - set of links to pages providing information of administrative divisions in different countries Country information (in English) - country names in various languages, ISO and FIPS codes and other information Country codes (in English) - Country ISO 3166 and numeric codes Country codes (, in English) - Country Codes, Phone Codes, Dialing Codes, Telephone Codes, ISO Country Codes Addressing the Unaddressed - organisation working to provide addresses in developing countries Standards and coding systems AS 4590 - (in English) - Australia: interchange of client information AS/NZS 4819 - (in English) - Australia/New Zealand standards for rural and urban addressing AFNOR XP Z10-011 - (in French) - France: specifications for postal addressing BS 7666-0 - (in English) - United Kindom: spatial datasets for geographical referencing. General model for gazetteers and spatial referencing ISO/TS 15000-5 - (in English) - Electronic Business Extensible Markup Language (ebXML) ISO 19112 - (in English) - Geographic information - spatial referencing by geographic identifiers ISO 3166 country codes - (in English) - maintenance agency website ISO 3166 country codes - (in English) - a list of English country names and ISO-3166 two-letter country codes. International vehicle identification codes - (in English) - United Nations listing Listing of ISO 3166 and other coding systems - for 239 countries and territories International Address Standardization - features, technologies and formats (in English) - outline from a PowerPoint presentation by Joe Lubenow given 30th January 2002 Markup languages for names and addresses (in English) - a discussion and list of pointers to markup standards for names and addresses GCA/Idealliance Address Data Interchange Specification (ADIS)  (in English) HR-XML Consortium Cross-Process Objects Schemas  (in English) - Postal address and personal name standard OASIS TC Name and Address Standard (xNAL)  (in English) - Postal address and personal name XML standard from the OASIS Customer Information Quality Technical Committee United Kingdom GovTalk Address and Personal Details Fragment  (in English) UPU S42 & S53 (in English) - Universal Postal Union International postal address components and templates Why a Global Address Standard is Critical to Success in Direct Mail Marketing and Electronic Commerce. Using the UN/PROLST Version 1.1.  (in English) - UN/PROLST White Paper - Amerocentric United States Street Address Data Standard Project  (previously Federal Geographic Data Committee Address Data Content Standard) (in English) - USA standard United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard (based on the United States Street Address Data Standard Project, link above) - USA standard Forms of address Lugandan (Uganda) Forms of address  - (in English and Lugandan) - a list of Lugandan forms of personal address British social address - (in English) forms of address for the British aristocracy Personal names Surnames - a selected list of references about personal names  - (in English) Surnames - The origins and meanings of surnames - (in English) - essay Dutch names  - (in English) - information on Dutch personal naming history and personal naming conventions Country-by-country Afghanistan  (in English) - list of Afghanistan's provinces Australia  (in English) - correct addressing format Australia  (in English) - place name lookup engine Austria  (in English) - Maps and village lists of Burgenland, with village names in German, Hungarian and Croatian Belize - (in English) - Hints on correct addressing in Belize Bhutan - (in English) - Information about Bhutan address system/formats Bosnia-Hercegovina (in Bosnian) - information on how to correctly write the address Canada - Official thoroughfare type abbreviations - Canadian Post Office page.  Scroll down the page to the text "Symbols Recognized by Canada Post - Street Types" to request this page Canada  (in English) - addressing guide, full details on addressing in Canada Canada  (in French) - addressing guide, full details on addressing in Canada Cayman Islands - (in English) - online mail addressing guide Croatia (in Croatian) - correct address format and other postage information Croatia (in English) - correct address format and other postage information Denmark  (in Danish) - place name lists in pdf format Egypt - (in English) - The Postal Museum Estonia  (in English) - place name lists German place names  (in English) - information about German place names and naming conventions Germany (in German) - Correct addressing format Hong Kong  (in English) - download (in Adobe Acrobat format) a complete guide to Hong Kong postal services, including address formats Ireland (in English) - find details of post offices in Ireland Ireland (in English) - Postal address format information Japan (in English) - correct address format Japan (in English) - correct address format (old information, no longer valid) Japan (in English) - a YouTube video about the Japansese addressing system Latvia  (in Latvian) - shows correct address format for Latvia Lithuania (in Lithuanian) - shows correct address format for Lithuania Lithuania (in English) - shows correct address format for Lithuania Luxembourg (in French) - correct addressing guide Luxembourg (in English) - correct addressing guide Luxembourg (in German) - correct addressing guide Luxembourg (in English) - Lists of Luxembourg place names in French, Luxembourgeois and German Macedonia - (in English) - (from Macedonia Post) - Address format information Macedonia - (in Macedonian) - (from Macedonia Post) - Address format information Macedonia - (in Albanian) - (from Macedonia Post) - Address format information Malaysia  (in English) - shows, amongst other things, correct address formats for Malaysia. Choose "Mail Services", "General Mailing Solutions","Letter" Moldova (in Romanian) - shows correct address format for Moldova Morocco  (in French) - correct addressing guide.  From the "Rubriques du site Barid-al-maghrib" drop down, choose "Code Postal". Also information under "Info Pratiques" and then "Comment présenter une adresse?" The Netherlands - (in Dutch) - a database of Dutch places with municipality, province, telephone area code, postcode range and geographical co-ordinates. Press link to or nl.dbf to download. The field names in the resulting database file are also in Dutch New Zealand - (in English) - searchable database of New Zealand place- and street names New Zealand - (in English) - Information on the correct addressing for New Zealand Norway - (in Norwegian) - Information on the correct addressing for Norway Russia - (in English) - St Petersburg street naming and addressing conventions explained Taiwan  (in English) - correct addressing format. Choose  “Address Writing” United Kingdom - (in English) - Geoplace - maintenance agency for the National Address Gazetteer Database and the National Street Gazetteer for England and Wales United States - (in English, from - state names and (postal) abbreviations United States - (in English), from Melissa Data - place name/geographical feature name lookup United States - (in English) - enter a full United States' postal address and this will return the address correctly formatted, including bar code United States - (in English) -  Place name lists
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