Address formats A digital resource for defining the positions of address elements for any country This table contains information about the relative position of elements within address blocks. The data has many uses. It can be used to correctly output address blocks and to position input fields on forms, for example. Each element’s position is shown by a co-ordinate. The first number indicates the line of the address block, the second the position on that line. Thus, if an element’s relative location is given as 2,1, this indicates that it is the first element on the second line of an address block. The file contains the relative positions of over 30 elements, which is more than exists in the address block of any country. This allows for mis-fielded data to be correctly positioned and for elements to be substituted for nearby elements. Further explanation of the file’s contents, and how it can be used, can be found in the documentation. Prices This whole file is available at the price of only EUR 495. If you have any questions regarding the file, please contact us. This data is offered on a royalty-free basis for use in any way you wish, with this important proviso that the data may not be copied or distributed in any way whatsoever when it can, in normal use, be accessed by other users. In other words, if you would like to use this data in your software package, that is allowed provided users cannot get at, or export, the data themselves. You will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions when purchasing. Our terms, conditions and licensing structure can be viewed here. To order To purchase these files, please contact us by e-mail. Delivery will be by e-mail. If you have any questions about any of our products, or would like to order them, please contact us.
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