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Table of Contents

Brazil - Country information


Local short name form

Official name



203 080 756 (2022) [1]



International telephone access code


ISO 3166 country codes

Car nationality plate code


Internet country code


GRC Country Code


Brazil - Number format


(where , indicates the decimal separator and . the thousands separator)

Brazil - Date and time formats


   Note: This section last updated 1st April 2021

The 24-hour clock notation is used.


Languages in Brazil


Brazil’s official language is Portuguese External, spoken by a large majority of the population. 194 other languages are known to exist, including large numbers of Indian languages. The most widespread of these are: Amapá Creole (25 000 speakers); Baniwa External (5 460 speakers); Guajajára External (10 000 speakers); Guaraní External (5 000 speakers); Kaingáng External (18 000 speakers); Kaiwá External (15 000 speakers); Plautdietsch External (5 955 speakers); Sataré-Mawé External (9 000 speakers); Terêna External (15 000 speakers); Ticuna External (12 000 speakers); Xavánte External (8 000 speakers) and Yanomámi External (9 000 speakers).

Brazil - Forms of address


   Note: This section last updated 4th November 2014

Senhorita is used in Brazil for younger unmarried women (though rarely) in preference to Menina, used in Portugal. The given name and the final surname is used when writing to a Brazilian.

   Tables of forms of address External can be acquired

Brazil - Company legal forms


The most common company legal types which will be found in Brazilian databases are:

   Limitada (Ltda) - Limited
   Sociedade Anônima (S/A)
   Sociedade em Comandita Simples (S.C.S.) – limited partnership
   Sociedade em Conta de Participação (SCP) - partnership
   Sociedade em Nome Coletivo - general partnership
   Sociedade por Ações (S.A.) – privately held company
   Sociedade por Quotas de Responsabilidade Limitada – limited liability company
   Comprehensive tables of these strings can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/addresses.htm External

Brazil - Address format


   Note: This section last updated 2nd January 2021

Addresses are written in the format:

   Form of address
   Thoroughfare type[ ]Thoroughfare Name{[, ]}number{[, ]apartment etc. indicators}
   postal code[ ]SETTLEMENT[ - ]STATE CODE

For example:


Addresses may also be found with the postal code written on its own at the bottom of the address block, like this:


Larger cities are divided into neighbourhoods (barrios) which may be found in addresses.

The planned city of Brasilía has no street names. It is divided into sectors (setores, SBN), which are in turn divided into quadras (Q) and then into blocos. These indicators are used in addresses as, for example:


The states External and their abbreviations are:

State Abbreviation First digit of postal code
Acre External AC 699
Alagoas External AL 57
Amapá External AP 689
Amazonas External AM 690-692, 694-698
Bahia External BA 40-48
Ceará External CE 60-63
Distrito Federal External DF 700-727, 730-736
Espírito Santo External ES 29
Goiás External GO 728-729, 737-769
Maranhão External MA 65
Mato Grosso External MT 780-788
Mato Grosso do Sul External MS 79
Minas Gerais External MG 3
Pará External PA 66-688
Paraíba External PB 58
Paraná External PR 80-87
Pernambuco External PE 50-56
Piauí External PI 64
Rio de Janeiro External RJ 20-28
Rio Grande do Norte External RN 59
Rio Grande do Sul External RS 9
Rondônia External RO 789
Rorâima External RR 693
Santa Catarina External SC 88-89
São Paulo External SP 0 and 1
Sergipe External SE 49
Tocantins External TO 77
   This regions/postal code data can be acquired as a data file External

For thoroughfare and other address component information, please refer to the chapter on Portugal. There are some terms used in Brazil and not in Portugal, including térreo (storey); sobrado (loft) and fazenda/chácara (Farm, ranch).

image Street sign in Brazil showing the district, street name, postal code and building number range. Source: Wikipedia

   A table containing information about the relevant position of elements within address blocks can be acquired External

Brazil - Post office box


The word for post office box is caixa postal, abbreviated to CP.

Brazil - Postal codes


Postal codes (Código de Endereçamento Postal, CEP, introduced in 1992) consists of 8 digits in the format:


The first digit indicates the region, the second a sub-region, the third a sector, the fourth a sub-sector, the fifth a part of a sub-sector, and the numbers after the hyphen indicate the point of delivery.

The final three digits range between 000 and 899 for street addresses; 900 to 959 for “special codes”; 960 to 969 for “promotional postal codes”; 970 to 989 and 999 for postal use; and 990 to 998 for post office boxes.

   Metadata containing postal code formatting rules, exceptions and regular expressions can be acquired External

Brazil - Postal code format graphic


Brazil - Postal code format

Brazil - Postal code specifics


Brazil - Postal code regular expression


Brazil - Postal code level of coverage


Brazil - Postal code map


Place names in Brazil


   Note: This section last updated 22nd August 2014

Refer to Exonyms in Brazil for full lists of place names in Brazil in other languages.

   Alternate place name forms/postal code tables can be acquired at http://www.grcdi.nl/settlements.htm External
   Other language place name data can be acquired at http://www.grcdi.nl/otherlanguageplace.htm External

Brazil - Administrative districts


Brazil is divided into 26 states (estados External, singular - estado) and 1 federal district (distrito federal). Their abbreviations are used in addresses. Please see the section “Address format” above.

Administrative districts graphic


Telephone numbers in Brazil


   Note: This section last updated 6th November 2016

Brazilian area codes have 2 digits when called from abroad. All subscriber numbers have 8 or 9 digits. Mobile numbers share the same area codes as geographic numbers, but the first digit of the subscriber number is 9.

   Tables of telephone number information/formats can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/telephone.htm External 


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