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For supplementary information, see links to post office home pages here External, to postal code pages here External and to other personal name and addressing issues pages here External.

Table of Contents

Uzbekistan - Country information


Local short name form

Official name



36 024 947 (2023 estimate) [1]



International telephone access code


ISO 3166 country codes

Car nationality plate code


Internet country code


GRC Country Code


Uzbekistan - Number format

   1 234,45

(where , indicates the decimal separator and a space the thousands separator)

Uzbekistan - Date and time formats


   Note: This section last updated 24th June 2021
   dd.mm.yyyy (Cyrillic)
   dd/mm/yyyy (Latin)

Uzbekistan - Languages


The official language, Northern Uzbek External, is spoken by some 71% of the population. There are large numbers of speakers of languages from other parts of the former Soviet Union, particularly Russian (1 661 000 speakers), Tajiki External (934 000 speakers), Tatar External (468 000 speakers) and Turkmen (228 000 speakers). Also spoken are Uzbeki Spoken Arabic External (700 speakers); Bukharic External (10 000 speakers); Crimean Turkish (189 000 speakers); Karakalpak External and Turkish External (197 000 speakers).

Uzbekistan - Personal names


Uzbeks may use the Russian patronymic naming system or an Uzbek system using the word ogli (“son of”) or kizi (“daughter of”).

Males who have made the pilgrimage to Mecca add Haja before their names. For women this is Haji.

   Tables of names can be acquired: given names External, surnames/family names External, family name prefixes External, forms of address External, job titles External

Uzbekistan - Company legal forms


Uzbekistani company legal forms include:

   MChJ (Mas’uliyati Cheklangan Jamiyat / Масъулияти Чекланган Жамият) -  limited liability company
   Comprehensive tables of these strings can be acquired – see http:www.grcdi.nl/addresses.htm External

Uzbekistan - Example address format



Addresses are also found with this format inverted - i.e. with the region on the first line, then the postal code and settlement and so on. Oblast / Wiloyat means region, rayon means district, dom means building and kvartira means apartment.

   A table containing information about the relevant position of elements within address blocks can be acquired External

Uzbekistan - Postal codes


   Note: This section last updated 5th August 2015

Postal codes (Pochta Indekslari) consist of a block of 6 digits. Uzbekistan introduced a new code system to replace the one from the former Soviet Union in October 2005. Outside Tashkent the first two digits indicate the regional centre or wiloyat, the third and fourth indicate the regional centre, regional territory or region town and the final two indicate the post office. For Tashkent the first three numbers point to Tashkent city, the final three to the post office.

Postal code currently exist in these ranges: 1000-1002, 1101-1120, 1201-1210, 1301-1313, 1401-1416, 1501-1519, 1601-1612, 1701-1716, 1801-1814, 1901-1915, 2001-2012, 2101-2110, 2201-2212 and 2301-2316.

   Metadata containing postal code formatting rules, exceptions and regular expressions can be acquired External

Uzbekistan - Postal code format graphic



Uzbekistan - Postal code format

Uzbekistan - Postal code specifics

Uzbekistan - Postal code regular expression


Uzbekistan - Postal code level of coverage


Uzbekistan - Postal code map


Place names in Uzbekistan


   Note: This section last updated 16th September 2017

Uzbekistan Restricts Toponyms For Naming Places, Things External

Settlement names may be found differently written due to differing transliterations between Cyrillic and Latin script. Thus Tashkent may be found written as Toshkent, Tachkent and so on.

Refer to Exonyms in Uzbekistan for full lists of place names in Uzbekistan in other languages.

Uzbekistan - Administrative districts


   Note: This section last updated 26th October 2020

Uzbekistan has 12 wiloyatlar External (singular - wiloyat), 1 autonomous republic (republikasi, shown in the list below with an asterisk) and 1 city (shahri, shown in the list below with an ‡):

  Postal code range
Andijon Wiloyati External 17
Bukhoro Wiloyati External 20
Farghona Wiloyati External 15
Jizzakh Wiloyati External 13
Khorazm Wiloyati External 22
Namangan Wiloyati External 16
Nawoiy Wiloyati External 21
Qashqadaryo Wiloyati External 18
Qoraqalpoghiston External * 23
Samarqand Wiloyati External 14
Sirdaryo Wiloyati External 12
Surkhondaryo Wiloyati External 19
Toshkent Shahri External 10
Toshkent Wiloyati External 11

Administrative districts graphic


Telephone numbers in Uzbekistan


   Note: This section last updated 30th April 2023

Uzbekistani area codes have 2 digits when dialled from abroad, and subscriber numbers have 7 digits. Mobile number area codes are 33, 50, 55, 77-78, 88, 90-95, 97-99.

   Tables of telephone number information/formats can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/telephone.htm External 


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