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GRC ToolsTM and GRC CountryTM

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Version 2011-4-1


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All information provided within this manual and within the program GRC Tools and the lookup tables provided with the program GRC Tools are copyright G.R. Rhind 2011.


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About GRCTools

About GRCCountry

Technical requirements


Summary of the modules

Running GRCCountry

   GRCCountry - the menu
   GRCCountry - processing a file

Running GRCTools

   GRCTools - the menu
   GRCTools - processing a file
   The processes
      Invalid strings - move field contents
      Field - split string
      Field - trim leading spaces
      Field - trim final string
      Non-numeric characters - remove
      Punctuation - remove
      Double spaces - remove
      Telephone numbers - burst
      Postal codes / postal codes (incl. format) - locate
      Postal codes - write located
      Postal code country code - remove
      Thoroughfare types - parse
      Postal code - format
      Postal codes - assess validity
      Postal codes - write corrected
      Language Regions - assign
      Quotation marks - remove
      Apostrophes (French) - add
      Casing - to upper case
      Casing - to mixed case / to mixed case - addresses / to mixed case - other
      Articles - move or parse
      "And" strings - standardise
      Abbreviations / Abbreviations in personal names - standardise
      Company types - standardise
      Department strings - standardise
      Sub-building information - parse & standardise
      Post office box numbers - parse
      Thoroughfare strings - standardise
      Building numbers - move or parse
      Building number suffix - parse
      Commas - add or remove
      Building number/letter - format
      Sorting code - parse & standardise
      Place names - parse & standardise
      Place names - standardise
      Provinces / Regions - parse / assign
      University strings - parse
      Building strings - move field contents
      Attention strings - move field contents
      Department strings - move field contents
      Personal name prefixes - parse & standardise
      Personal name suffixes - parse & standardise
      Personal name middle name(s)/initial(s) - parse
      Job titles - standardise
      Accents - remove

Frequently asked questions

Technical support

   Frequently encountered problems