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New Zealand

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For supplementary information, see links to post office home pages here External, to postal code pages here External and to other personal name and addressing issues pages here External.

Table of Contents

New Zealand - Country information


Local short name form

Official name



5 124 100 (2022 estimate) [1]



International telephone access code


ISO 3166 country codes

Car nationality plate code


Internet country code


GRC Country Code


New Zealand - Number format


(where . indicates the decimal separator and , the thousands separator)

New Zealand - Date and time formats


   Note: This section last updated 25th May 2021

In English:


In Maori:


New Zealand - Languages


The official languages are English External (3 213 000 speakers) and Maori External (50-70 000 speakers).

New Zealand - Personal names


New Zealand is one of the few countries with an Anglo-Saxon-based legal system where personal names must be approved by the authorities. Names containing numerals, for example, are not allowed; as are any names likely to cause problems for the child.

   Tables of names can be acquired: given names External, surnames/family names External, family name prefixes External, forms of address External, job titles External

New Zealand - Companies


The following abbreviations are acceptable for bulk mailings:

String Abbreviation
Administration Admn
Agency Agcy
Branch Brnch, Br
Centre Ctr
Company Co
Corporation Corp
Division Div
Enterprise Entrprs
Government Govt
Group Grp
Headquarters Hdqtrs
Incorporated Inc
Laboratory Lab
Limited Ltd
Management Mgmt
Manufacturer Mfr
Manufacturing Mfg
National Natl
Partnership Prtnrshp
System Sys
   Comprehensive tables of these strings can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/addresses.htm External

New Zealand - Address formats


Addresses are formatted as follows:

   {Unit or floor number}
   {Building name}
   Number{[ - ]Apartment number}[ ]Thoroughfare name[ ]Thoroughfare type
   Settlement[ ]POSTAL CODE

For example:



There may be 1 or 2 spaces between the postal town name and the postal code.

Use the street name and number unless you only have the building name information. Corner addresses (eg. ‘corner Main and High Streets’) or ranges of street numbers (eg. ‘4-12 Main Street’) should not be used.

The house number may be followed by an apartment number separated from the house number by a hyphen, with a space between the hyphen and the number(s). If the house number is followed by a single letter, there should be no space between the number and the letter in this way:


When an address is a number range, only the first number in the range should be given to prevent confusion with flat numbers. Thus:

   7-9 Auckland Avenue

should be written

   7 Auckland Avenue

Addresses may also be to Post office boxes, Private Bags or Rural Deliveries. Ensure that only one type of address is used. A recipient may have more than one postal code according to the address type used (street, bag or box).

Post office box and private bag deliveries have this format:

   [PO Box ]post office box number
   {Box lobby}
   Postal town[ ]postal code
   [Private Bag ]private bag number
   {Box lobby}
   Postal town[ ]postal code

for example



The Post office box or private bag numbers should not be written with spaces, and "PO" should be written without spaces or full stops. The box lobby is not written if it is the same as the postal town.

Other mailing address forms are Counter Delivery (CD) and Community Mail Box (CMB).

Rural deliveries contain an extra line below the street address indicating the rural delivery number, in this way:



Note that there should be no space between the R and the D. Floor levels should not be used in rural addresses. Letters for anybody other than the owner of the Rural Delivery box should be indicated using the string “c/-” in this way:


The address may be in mixed- or upper-case, but the first letter of each line should be in upper case. Street addresses and post office box/private addresses must not be used in the same address block in bulk mailings.

Addresses may be found in Maori. P.O. Box is Pouaka Poutāpeta in Maori.

image For bulk mailings, a number of standard abbreviations exist. If a word does no appear in the list below, it must be printed in full:

String Abbreviation
Apartment Apt
Basement Bsmt
Building Bldg
Centre Ctr
Department Dept
Floor Fl
Lobby Lbby
Lower Lowr
Office Ofc
Space Spc
Room Rm
Suite Ste
Upper Uppr

Directionals may be abbreviated as follows but not if they are part of a street or place name:

Directional Abbreviation
North Nth
East E
South Sth
West W
Northeast NE
Southeast SE
Northwest NW
Southwest SW

For bulk mailings, the following standard abbreviations should be used:

String Abbreviation
Alley Aly
Annex Anx
Arcade Arc
Avenue Ave
Beach Bch
Bend Bnd
Bluff Blf
Bottom Btm
Boulevard Blvd
Branch Br
Bridge Brg
Brook Brk
Bypass Byp
Cape Cpe
Causeway Cswy
Circle Cir
Cliffs Clfs
Corner Cor
Corners Cors
Course Crse
Court Ct
Courts Cts
Cove Cv
Creek Crk
Crescent Cres
Divide Dv
Drive Dr
Estates Est
Falls Fls
Ferry Fry
Field Fld
Fields Flds
Flat, Flats Flt
Ford Frd
Fort Ft
Forest Frst
Forks Frks
Gardens Gdns
Glen Gln
Green Grn
Grove Grv
Harbour Hbr
Haven Hvn
Heights Hts
Highway Hwy
Hill Hl
Hills Hls
Island Is
Junction Jct
Lane Ln
Lodge Ldg
Meadows Mdws
Mill Ml
Mills Mls
Mission Msn
Mount Mt
Mountain Mtn
Orchard Orch
Parkway Pky
Place Pl
Point Pt
Rapids Rpds
River Riv
Road Rd
Shore Shr
Spring Spg
Springs Spgs
Square Sq
State Highway Sh
Stream Strm
Street St
Summit Smt
Terrace Ter
Tunnel Tunl
Valley Vly
Viaduct Via
View Vw
Village Vlg
Vista Vis
   Comprehensive tables of these strings can be acquired – see http:www.grcdi.nl/addresses.htm External
   A table containing information about the relevant position of elements within address blocks can be acquired External

New Zealand - Postal codes


Postal codes (known locally as Postcodes) were introduced in 1977. They consist of a block of 4 digits. A new postal code system was introduced in June 2006, though the 4-digit format was maintained.

The first digit (which can be 0-9) represents a geographic region running from north to south in ascending order. The second and third digits reflect postal sort areas and delivery networks. The final digit represents a specific box lobby, rural delivery round or urban area.

   Metadata containing postal code formatting rules, exceptions and regular expressions can be acquired External

New Zealand - Postal code format graphic


New Zealand - Postal code format

New Zealand - Postal code specifics


New Zealand - Postal code regular expression


New Zealand - Postal code level of coverage


New Zealand - Postal code map


Place names in New Zealand


   Note: This section last updated 2nd February 2017

Refer to Exonyms in New Zealand for full lists of place names in New Zealand in other languages.

   Alternate place name forms/postal code tables can be acquired at http://www.grcdi.nl/settlements.htm External
   Other language place name data can be acquired at http://www.grcdi.nl/otherlanguageplace.htm External

New Zealand - Administrative districts


New Zealand has 16 regions External and one territory External (shown with an asterisk), not used in addresses. These are:

    Auckland External
    Bay of Plenty External
    Canterbury External
    Chatham Islands External *
    Gisborne External
    Hawke’s Bay External
    Manawatu-Wanganui External
    Marlborough External
    Nelson External
    Northland External
    Otago External
    Southland External
    Taranaki External
    Tasman External
    Waikato External
    Wellington External
    West Coast External

Administrative districts graphic


Telephone numbers in New Zealand


New Zealand area codes for fixed geographic numbers (from abroad) are all 1 digit in length. Subscriber numbers have 7 digits. Mobile numbers have a length of 8-10 digits and have the area code 2.

   Tables of telephone number information/formats can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/telephone.htm External 


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