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ISO 3166 country codes

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The ISO 3166 codes for this country or territory are listed in the order alpha-2 code, alpha-3 code, numeric code. Also listed are the car nationality plate codes and the Internet country codes (i.e. the code used in an internet address to indicate the country of origin, such as the nl in External. This is invariably the same as the ISO 3166 alpha 2 code with the exception of uk, used. instead of gb for the United Kingdom.

We maintain our own (GRC Country) codes because country codes and lists from other sources have proved unsuitable for managing international name and address data - they are created with political influences and are not updated fast enough (or at all) as the world changes. Our codes are created on a pragmatic (non political) basis. More details and a download of all codes is available from External

image This information changes rarely and is added or updated in this resource when notification of changes is received.

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