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For supplementary information, see links to post office home pages here External, to postal code pages here External and to other personal name and addressing issues pages here External.

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Nigeria - Country information


Local short name form

Official name



216 783 400 (2022 projection) [1]



International telephone access code


ISO 3166 country codes

Car nationality plate code


Internet country code


GRC Country Code


Nigeria - Number format

   Note: This section last updated 27th May 2021

In Fula (Fulfulde), Adlam script:


(where image indicates the decimal separator and image the thousands separator). Numbers in Adlam are written from right to left.

In Fula (Fulfulde), Latin script:

   1 234,45

(where , indicates the decimal separator and a space the thousands separator)

In Atsam, English, Hausa, Igbo, Jju, Tyap and Yoruba:


(where . indicates the decimal separator and , the thousands separator)

Nigeria - Date and time formats


   Note: This section last updated 27th May 2021

In Fula (Fulfulde) (Adlam script) and Hausa (Arabic script):


In Fula (Fulfulde) (Latin script), English, Hausa (Latin script), Igbo and Yoruba:


In Atsam, Jju and Tyap:


In all languages:


Nigeria - Languages


The national language is English External. 477 other languages are spoken, with a complex geographical spread. The most widely spoken are: Anaang External (1 000 000 speakers); Ebira External (1 000 000 speakers); Edo External (1 000 000 speakers); Fulfulde External (7 611 000 speakers); Hausa External (an official language in the North) (18 525 000 speakers); Igbo External (an official language in the Southeast) (17 000 000 speakers); Yerwa Kanuri External (3 000 000 speakers); Tiv External (2 212 000 speakers) and Yoruba External (18 850 000 speakers).

Nigeria - Personal names and forms of address


English forms of address may be used, but where a person’s name is preceded by Alhaji (male) or Hajia (female), indicating that the person has been on the Haj to Mecca, the form of address is dropped (i.e., do not use “Mr” or “Mrs” together with this additional title).

Women usually take their husband’s family name upon marriage.

Yoruba people (found mainly in the south west) order their name:

   Given name[ ]Family name

Their names are often compound and often include elements such as: ade, ayo, fe, ife, ire, oba, omo, ola, olu, oluwa. Their children usually take their father’s family name, and given names often reflect the circumstances under which the child was born, such as a week day or the birth order. Some Yoruban names are not gender-specific. Their names may include Muslim components.

Igbo (Ibo) people (found mainly in the south east) order their name:

   Given name[ ]Family name

Their names are often compound and often include elements such as: amaka, mma, nma, chi, chukwu, nna, nne, nwa, new, ek, olisa. Many Igbo names are not gender-specific. People may use a Western (often Biblical) nickname.

Hausa people (found mainly in the north) order their name:

   Given name[ ]Family name

They usually include Muslim components. Family names may be compound.

   Tables of names can be acquired: given names External, surnames/family names External, family name prefixes External, forms of address External, job titles External

Nigeria - Company legal forms


Company legal forms used in Nigeria include:

   Limited (Ltd)
   Limited by Guarantee (Ltd/Gte.)
   Public Limited Company (PLC)
   Unlimited (ULtd)
   Comprehensive tables of these strings can be acquired – see http:www.grcdi.nl/addresses.htm External

Nigeria - Example address format






There should be two spaces between the postal town name and the postal code.

Addresses written in a non-native language will usually be written in English. The state name is often found in the address. The abbreviation P.M.B. (Private Mail Bag) is often used as well as P.O. Box.

   A table containing information about the relevant position of elements within address blocks can be acquired External

Nigeria - Postal codes


Nigeria introduced a postal code (known locally as Postcode) system on 24th November 2000. The codes consist of six consecutive digits, the first three being the outward sorting code (“despatch code”), the last three the inward sorting code (“delivery code”). Postal codes can commence with a number between 1 and 9.

The borders of the postal code areas correspond with the state/territory borders. The postal code (first digit) per state/territory is shown below:

State/Territory Postal code (first digit)
Abia External 4
Abuja Federal Capital Territory External 9
Adamawa External 6
Akwa Ibom External 5
Anambra External 4
Bauchi External 7
Bayelsa External 5
Benue External 9
Borno External 6
Cross River External 5
Delta External 3
Ebonyi External 4
Edo External 3
Ekiti External 3
Enugu External 4
Gombe External 7
Imo External 4
Jigawa External 7
Kaduna External 8
Kano External 7
Katsina External 8
Kebbi External 8
Kogi External 2
Kwara External 2
Lagos External 1
Nassarawa External 9
Niger External 9
Ogun External 1
Ondo External 3
Osun External 2
Oyo External 2
Plateau External 9
Rivers External 5
Sokoto External 8
Taraba External 6
Yobe External 6
Zamfara External 8
   Metadata containing postal code formatting rules, exceptions and regular expressions can be acquired External

Nigeria - Postal code format graphic


Nigeria - Postal code format

Nigeria - Postal code specifics

Nigeria - Postal code regular expression


Nigeria - Postal code level of coverage


Nigeria - Postal code map


Place names in Nigeria


   Note: This section last updated 3rd February 2017

Refer to Exonyms in Nigeria for full lists of place names in Nigeria in other languages.

   Alternate place name forms/postal code tables can be acquired at http://www.grcdi.nl/settlements.htm External
   Other language place name data can be acquired at http://www.grcdi.nl/otherlanguageplace.htm External

Nigeria - Administrative districts


Nigeria has 36 states External and 1 territory. These are listed in the postal code section above.

Administrative districts graphic


Telephone numbers in Nigeria


   Note: This section last updated 12th January 2024

Nigerian telephone numbers have area codes of 3 or 4 digits when called from abroad, and a total length of 10 digits. Mobile area codes are: 7021-7029, 703-706, 708-709, 71-72, 802-809, 812, 8190-8191.

   Tables of telephone number information/formats can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/telephone.htm External 

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