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Holland comprises two provinces in the west of the country and no more. You should therefore refrain from addressing mail to ‘Holland’ and use the correct term - ‘The Netherlands’.

For supplementary information, see links to post office home pages here External, to postal code pages here External and to other personal name and addressing issues pages here External.

Video explaining about Holland, The Netherlands and its Caribbean parts External


Table of Contents

The Netherlands - Country information


Local short name form

Official Name



17 947684 (2024 estimate) [1]



International telephone access code


ISO 3166 country codes

Car nationality plate code


Internet country code


GRC Country Code


The Netherlands - Number format


(where , indicates the decimal separator and . the thousands separator)

The Netherlands - Date and time formats


   Note: This section last updated 25th May 2021

The 24-hour clock notation is used.


The Netherlands - Languages


Dutch External, spoken by 88% of the population as a mother language, is the official language. Friesian External, spoken in Friesland, a province in the northern part of the country, is spoken by 5% of the population. Most speakers of Friesian are bilingual in Dutch. Low Saxon External, a German dialect, is spoken in the north and central areas along the German border. Most of these speakers are bilingual in Dutch.

The Netherlands - For the attention of


For written communications to people within companies, the abbreviation T.a.v., short for Ter Attentie van or Ten aanzien van and meaning ‘For the attention of’ often precedes the person’s name in this way:

   Bakkerij Janssens
   T.a.v. Dhr. A. Janssens
   Tables of names can be acquired: given names External, surnames/family names External, family name prefixes External, forms of address External, job titles External

The Netherlands - Personal names and forms of address


Dutch laws prohibit given names if they are too similar to an existing surname, is a noble title (baron, prins, graaf etc.), or if the name is inappropriate.

Dutch personal names often contain prepositions, especially ‘van de’ and ‘van der’ which mean, literally, ‘of the’. As a rule, these parts of the person’s name are written in lower case, thus:

   Hans van de Duinen

Note, however, that when used without a given name, the first letter of the first preposition is written with an upper case first letter as follows:

   Dhr Van de Duinen

The most common prepositions used in Dutch names are:

   bij de
   bij het
   bij ‘t
   in de
   in het
   in ‘t
   op de
   op het
   op ‘t
   van de
   van den
   van der
   van het
   van ‘t

Most Dutch people have two names - their official name and their day-to-day name. Thus a person with the official name J.C.M.P. (Johannes Cornelis Maria Pieter) van Agt may be known as Hans or Cees, for example. On mailings, one should avoid using either the day-to-day name or the official name - the abbreviation of the official name should be used. It is virtually impossible to match the official and day-to-day names of individuals on the basis of name only. In Dutch databases, therefore, two fields are best reserved for the first name - one containing the initials of the official first name, the other containing the day-to-day first name for recognition purposes.

The form of address which would be used on an address label is inappropriate for use within a letter.

Married Dutch women may take their husband’s name but retain their own as a second surname in this way:

   Marijke van den Broek marries Jan Nijpels 

and becomes

   Marijke Nijpels-van den Broek

Other married women retain their maiden names, though any children take the father’s surname. Children older than 12 may choose to change their family name to that of the other parent. New laws also allow children to retain Spanish/Portuguese-type family names structures.


The Netherlands - Company names

It is more correct, where the nature of a company is mentioned in its name, that this precedes the name of the company, thus:

   Bakkerij Janssens

You will often, however, find these activity indications after the company name, thus:

   Janssens, Bakkerij
   Janssens (Bakkerij)

The Netherlands - Company legal forms


The following company types may be found in Dutch company names:

   Buitenlands Filiaal
   BV (Besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid – limited liability company)
   CV (Commanditaire Vennootschap – limited partnership) (Obsolete from 2009)
   CvoA (Commanditaire Vennootschap op Aandelen – limited partnership with shares)
   Eenmanszaak (one-person company)
   Mij (Maatschappij) (Obsolete from 2009)
   NV (Naamloze Vennootschap)
   OV (Openbare vennootschap zonder rechtspersoonlijkheid)
   VOF (Vennootschap onder Firma – general partnership) (Obsolete from 2009)
   Comprehensive tables of these strings can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/addresses.htm External

The Netherlands - Addresses


   Note: This section last updated 15th June 2013

It is law in The Netherlands that each thoroughfare is named and each building is numbered

Addresses are written in the format:

   Thoroughfare Name thoroughfare type[ ]number{[-]sub-building indicator}

For example:



There should be two spaces between the postal code and the settlement name.

There are three official formats for writing Dutch addresses. The first, the ‘official’ format, is as follows:

For example:


The second format is used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for its address databases:

For example:


The third format is used by the post office:

For example:


In terms of database management, it is preferable to use a mixture of all three systems, thus:

For example:


In some databases, you may find that the prepositions, titles, initials and articles are put behind the rest of the thoroughfare type, thus:

   Koningin Julianastraat becomes Julianastr., kon.;


   Meester P. Troelstralaan becomes Troelstraln., mr. p.

but this system should not be used when addressing envelopes.

Some streets in The Netherlands are themselves numbered. Thus the figures le, 2e etc. in front of the street name indicate the number of the thoroughfare, not of the habitation. These mean 1st, 2nd etc.

If you can choose between a street address and a post office box number for mailings, always use the post office box number with its postal code.

If you wish to add codes or messages to the label, these should always be placed above and to the left of the address.

Houseboats without a house number should have the house number replaced with the letters AB (aan boord = on board) and the name of the boat. The number may be preceded with t/o, meaning ‘opposite’, and the number will be that of the building opposite the boat. However, in some cities, to aid location of the boats by emergency services, the boats are being assigned their own numbers. In Amsterdam, for example, the boats are being given numbers followed by the letter G.

Caravans without a house number should have the number replaced by the letters WW (woonwagen = caravan).

The Dutch Post Office prefers addresses to have only 3 lines:

  1. The name of the person or company.
  2. The street name and house number; or the word ‘Postbus’ with a post office box number.
  3. The postal code and the town.

For example:




Street addresses should be written:

   Thoroughfare[ ]number{[-]sub-building indicator}

The sub-building indicator usually indicates a floor and/or part of a floor, and is often essential to ensure the correct delivery of an item. If this is not added where required, delivery is likely to be to the wrong flat within an apartment building. It can be a short text, roman numerals or numerals. For example:

   Prinsengracht 88-hs (indicates ground floor flat)
   Prinsengracht 88-II (indicates second floor flat)
   Prinsengracht 88-IIIa (indicates third floor flat at the back)
   Prinsengracht 88-IIIv (indicates third floor flat at the front)
   Prinsengracht 88-2 (indicates second floor flat)

In some cities zwart (zw.) indicates the ground floor and rood the upper floor.

The last line should always consist of the postal code followed by the town name.

If an address has a box number (‘bus’) this should be added after the address so:

   Thoroughfare[ ]number[ bus ]number

The thoroughfare type is suffixed to the thoroughfare name without a space. For example:

   Haarlemmerdijk 23 
   Boslaan 98 
   Groenweg 2

The thoroughfare name may also consist of different components separated with a space thus:

   Eerste Anjeliers Dwarsstraat

This is usually the case when the street name begins with an adjective such as ‘first’, ‘long’ etc.

The abbreviation t/m between numbers in an address is an abbreviation for tot en met meaning ‘up to and including’.

image The border between Belgium and The Netherlands runs through the front door of this house in Baerle-Hertog/Baerle Nassau. It has two numbers.

In some areas of Nijmegen, Wijchen en Lelystad the streets are numbered and the neighbourhood name is used instead of a thoroughfare name. For example:

    Malvert 3316 

indicates street 33 in the neighbourhood of Malvert, house number 16. This is more often written:

     Malvert 33-16 

to reduce confusion.

In the district of Graan voor Visch in Haarlemmermeer the streets do not have names but each building in the neighbourhood is numbered, from 13000 to 19999, providing the highest house numbers in The Netherlands.

The longest street name is Burgemeester Baron van Voerst van Lyndenstraat in Gramsbergen, and the shortest are A and B in Ottoland and E in Zuidlaren.

A signpost in Graan voor Visch showing building number ranges. Source: Wikipedia

A signpost in Graan voor Visch showing building number ranges. Source: Wikipedia.

   A table containing information about the relevant position of elements within address blocks can be acquired External

Thoroughfare types


Below is a list of the most commonly occurring thoroughfare types, with the abbreviated form(s) which you are most likely to find in address databases:

Thoroughfare Abbreviation
Boulevard Bd, Bld, Boulev
Dijk Dk
Dwarsstraat Dwstr
Dwarsweg Dwwg
Gracht Gr
Kade Kd
Kanaal Kan
Laan, Leane, Loane Ln
Park Pk
Plantsoen Plnts
Plein Pln
Singel Sngl
Straat, Strjitte Str
Straatweg Strwg
Weg Wg
   Comprehensive tables of these strings can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/addresses.htm External

image Street name change on the border between The Netherlands and Germany. © Bernd Kueck, http:www.grenzen.150m.com// External

Thoroughfares in Friesland


In Friesland, in the north of The Netherlands, Friesian is spoken. It is uncommon to come across a street name in Friesian in address databases, although Friesian-speakers themselves use them. Thoroughfares are only given a single name (although they are easily translated by users), in Dutch or in Friesian, and this is the one to be used for preference.

Other elements commonly found in address databases



Neuter Abbrev. Gendered and Plural (where different from neuter form) Abbrev. Translation
het (sometimes ’t)   de   the
een       a, an
en       and
tot       till, until, up to
voor       for
van       of, from
op, naar       to, towards
bij       near, by
aan       on (sea, for example), at
aan de a/d     on (a river)
op       on
in       in
tegenover       opposite
naast       next to
achter       behind
vóór       in front of
tussen       between
over       over
onder       under
met       with
nieuw nw. nieuwe nwe. new
oud   oude   old
kort k. korte kte. short
lang 1. lange lge. long
hoog hg. hoge hg. high
laag lg. lage lg. low
groot g./gt. grote g./gte. large
klein k./kl. kleine k./kle. small
    gedempte ged. filled-in (of a canal)
    heilige h. holy
    kromme kr. crooked, curved
    verlengde verl. extended
noord n.     north
noordzijde nz.     north side
oost o.     east
oostzijde oz.     east side
zuid z.     south
zuidzijde zz.     south side
west w.     west
westzijde wz.     west side
kasteel kast.     castle
sint st.     saint
Industriepark       industrial estate


Neuter Abbrev. Gendered and Plural (where different from neuter form) Abbrev. Translation
it (sometimes ’t)   de (sometimes ’e)   the
in       a, an
en       and
oant, oan, ta       till, until, up to
foar       for
fan       of, from
nei       to, towards
by       near, by, close to
op       on
yn       in, into
foaroer       opposite
nêst, njonken       next to
efter       behind
foar       in front of
tusken       between
oer       over
ûnder       under
boppe       above
mei       with
nij   nije   new
âld   âlde   old
koart kt. koarte kte. short
lang 1. lange lge. long
heeg hg. hege hg. high
leeg lg. lege lg. low
great g./gt. greate g./gte. large
lyts   lytse   small
noard n.     north
east e.     east
súd s.     south
west w.     west
sint st.     saint

Addresses will also often contain the names of people with their titles or forms of address. These titles are, and can be abbreviated, as follows:

Title Abbreviation Translation
Aalmoezenier Aalm Chaplain
Admiraal Adm Admiral
Baron Bar Baron
Baronesse Bsse Baroness
Bisschop Biss Bishop
Burgemeester Burg Mayor
Commissaris Comm Commissioner
Deken Dkn Deacon
doctorandus drs academic grade, masters degree, no translation
Dokter, Doctor Dr Doctor
Dominee Ds Minister, Vicar, Padre
Douairière Dre Dowager
Gebroeders Gebr Brothers
Generaal Gen General
Graaf Gr Duke
Gravin Gr Duchess
Hertog Htg Earl
Ingenieur Ir Engineer
Jonkheer Jhr Esquire
Kanunnik Kan Canon
Kapelaan Kap Curate, Chaplain
Kapitein Kapt Captain
Kardinaal Kard Cardinal
Keizer Kzr Emperor
Kolonel Kol Colonel
Koning Kon King
Koningin Kon Queen
Luitenant-Generaal Lt Gen Lieutenant-General
Majoor Maj Major
meester mr Mister (academic grade)
Minister Min Minister (political)
Monseigneur Mgr Monseigneur
Notaris Not Notary
Pastoor Past Pastor
Pater Ptr Father (religious)
Paters Ptrs Fathers (religious)
President Pres President
Prins Pr Prince
Princes Pr Princess
Professor Prof Professor
Rector Rect Rector
Ridder Rdr Knight
Secretaris Secr Secretary
Sinjeur Sinj Cleric
Sint St Saint
Wethouder Weth Alderman
Zuster Zr Sister (religious)
Zusters Zrs Sisters (religious)

The Netherlands - Post office box


This is written Postbus, abbreviated to PB.

Post office boxes have their own postal codes. The Dutch postal service prefers the use of the post office box number to the street 0address. Do not use both the street address and the post office box address. If you do this, the Dutch postal service will attempt to deliver the package only to the post office box number. If the postal code for this post office box is incorrect (i.e. it refers to the street address), then the package will be returned as undeliverable.

Dutch companies will often provide both a street address and a post office box address with only one postal code in this way:

   Bakker Het Dagelijkse Brood
   Hoofdstraat 12
   Postbus 187
   6872 AG  POSTSTAD

In these cases, the postal code belongs always to the post office box number.

The Netherlands - Postal codes


There are more than 575 000 postal codes (Postcodes) in The Netherlands, introduced in 1976, and around 30 000 are changed each year as new streets are created. Postal codes have 4 digits and two letters, the dig­its starting with a number between 1 and 9. The layout is as follows:

   9999[ ]AA

The postal code is written before, and on the same line as, the town name.

The digits indicate the town or district, the letters a group of some 25 habitations, offices, factories or post office boxes. There is no correlation between codes and administrative districts.

The letter combinations SS, SA and SD are not used.

There should be no punctuation anywhere within the postal code, and there should be nothing written underneath the postal code.

   Metadata containing postal code formatting rules, exceptions and regular expressions can be acquired External

The Netherlands - Postal code format graphic


The Netherlands - Postal code format

The Netherlands - Postal code specifics

The Netherlands - Postal code regular expression

\A([1-9]\d{3,3}( )([A-R|T-Z][A-Z]|[S][B|C|E-R|T-Z]))\Z

The Netherlands - Postal code level of coverage


The Netherlands - Postal code map


Place names in The Netherlands


   Note: This section last updated 27th January 2017

St., the abbreviation for Sint (Saint), can in all cases be used in place names except for the settlement of Sintjohannesga.

Place names consisting of more than one word are not usually hyphenated.

Place names can begin with an apostrophe, followed by an ‘s’ or a ‘t’. Some of these names have alternative spellings which are perfectly acceptable to use (though the former spellings are the official spellings), i.e:

   ’s-Hertogenbosch = Den Bosch
   ’s-Gravenhage = Den Haag

Place names sometimes include the link aan or aan de, meaning ‘on’ or ‘on the’. Aan de is often abbreviated to a/d.

Place names may be followed by Ca (more correctly C.A.), meaning cum annexus (“and surrounding area”).

Refer to Exonyms in Netherlands for full lists of place names in the Netherlands in other languages.

   Alternate place name forms/postal code tables can be acquired at http://www.grcdi.nl/settlements.htm External
   Other language place name data can be acquired at http://www.grcdi.nl/otherlanguageplace.htm External

Place names in Friesland

In Friesland, in the north of The Netherlands, Friesian is spoken. Where a municipality (gemeente) recognizes both a Friesian and a Dutch name for the municipality, the postal service prefers that the Dutch name is used. Where the municipality uses a unilingular Friesian name, the postal service prefers that this name is used. It is preferable as far as the recipient is concerned that the town name corresponding to his/her preferred language is used.

The following list is of settlements in Friesland which have both Dutch and Friesian names:

The Netherlands: Endonyms External and exonyms External in Frisian:

Postal code DutchFrisian For more information about this place:
  Aalsum → Ealsum Aalsum Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Abbega → Abbegea Abbegea - Wikipedia External
  Aegum → Eagum Eagum - Wikipedia External
  Akmarijp → Eagmaryp Eagmaryp - Wikipedia External
  Anjum → Eanjum Anjum - Wikipedia External
  Appelscha → Appelskea Appelscha - Wikipedia External
  Augsbuurt → Lytsewâld or Augsbuurt → Augsbuert-Lytsewâld [2] Augsbuurt - Wikipedia External
  Augustinusga → Stynsgea Augustinusga - Wikipedia External
  Baaiduinen → Baaidunen Baaiduinen - Wikipedia External
  Baijum → Baaium Baaium - Wikipedia External
  Bakhuizen → Bakhuzen Bakhuzen - Wikipedia External
  Bakkeveen → Bakkefean Bakkeveen - Wikipedia External
  Bantega → Bantegea Bantega - Wikipedia External
  Beers → Bears Bears Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Beetgum → Bitgum Beetgum - Wikipedia External
  Beetgumermolen → Bitgummole Beetgumermolen - Wikipedia External
  Beetsterzwaag → Beetstersweach Beetsterzwaag - Wikipedia External
  Bergum → Burgum Burgum - Wikipedia External
  Berlikum → Berltsum Berlikum - Wikipedia External
  Birdaard → Burdaard Burdaard - Wikipedia External
  Blauwhuis → Blauhús Blauwhuis - Wikipedia External
  Blesdijke → Blesdike Blesdijke - Wikipedia External
  Blija → Blije Blije - Wikipedia External
  Boelenslaan → Boelensloane Boelenslaan - Wikipedia External
  Bolsward → Boalsert Bolsward - Wikipedia External
  Boornbergum → Boarnburgum Boornbergum - Wikipedia External
  Boornzwaag → Boarnsweach Boornzwaag - Wikipedia External
  Bornwird → Boarnwert Bornwird - Wikipedia External
  Bozum → Boazum Boazum - Wikipedia External
  Britswerd → Britswert Britswert - Wikipedia External
  Broeksterwoude → Broeksterwâld Broeksterwâld - Wikipedia External
  Buitenpost → Bûtenpost Buitenpost - Wikipedia External
  Burgwerd → Burchwert Burgwerd - Wikipedia External
  Burum → Boerum Burum Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Cornjum → Koarnjum Cornjum - Wikipedia External
  Cornwerd → Koarnwert Cornwerd - Wikipedia External
  Damwoude → Damwâld Damwâld - Wikipedia External
  Dedgum → Dedzjum Dedgum - Wikipedia External
  Deersum → Dearsum Dearsum - Wikipedia External
  Delfstrahuizen → Dolsterhuzen Delfstrahuizen - Wikipedia External
  De Veenhoop → De Feanhoop De Veenhoop - Wikipedia External
  De Wilgen → De Wylgen De Wilgen - Wikipedia External
  Dijken → Diken Dijken - Wikipedia External
  Dongjum → Doanjum Dongjum - Wikipedia External
  Doniaga → Dunegea Doniaga - Wikipedia External
  Drachtster Compagnie → Drachtster Kompenije  
  Driesum → Driezum Driezum - Wikipedia External
  Drogeham → Droegeham Drogeham - Wikipedia External
  Dronrijp → Dronryp Dronrijp - Wikipedia External
  Echten → Ychten Echten Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Echtenerbrug → Ychtenbrêge Echtenerbrug - Wikipedia External
8733 Edens → Iens Iens - Wikipedia External
  Ee → Ie Ee Dongeradeel - Wikipedia External
  Eernewoude → Earnewâld Earnewâld - Wikipedia External
  Eesterga → Jistergea Eesterga - Wikipedia External
  Eestrum → Jistrum Jistrum - Wikipedia External
  Elahuizen → Ealahuzen Elahuizen - Wikipedia External
  Elsloo → Elslo Elsloo Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Engelum → Ingelum Engelum - Wikipedia External
  Engwierum → Ingwierrum Engwierum - Wikipedia External
  Exmorra → Eksmoarre Exmorra - Wikipedia External
  Ferwerd → Ferwert Ferwert - Wikipedia External
  Ferwoude → Ferwâlde Ferwoude - Wikipedia External
  Finkum → Feinsum Finkum - Wikipedia External
  Firdgum → Furdgum Firdgum - Wikipedia External
  Fochteloo → Fochtel Fochteloo - Wikipedia External
  Follega → Follegea Follega - Wikipedia External
  Folsgare → Folsgeare Folsgare - Wikipedia External
  Formerum → Formearum Formerum - Wikipedia External
  Franeker → Frjentsjer Franeker - Wikipedia External
  Frieschepalen → Fryske Peallen Frieschepalen - Wikipedia External
  Gaastmeer → Gaastmar Gaastmeer - Wikipedia External
  Garijp → Garyp Garyp - Wikipedia External
  Gauw → Gau Gauw - Wikipedia External
  Genum → Ginnum Ginnum - Wikipedia External
  Gerkesklooster → Gerkeskleaster Gerkesklooster - Wikipedia External
  Gersloot → Gersleat Gersloot - Wikipedia External
  Giekerk → Gytsjerk Gytsjerk - Wikipedia External
  Goënga → Goaiïngea Goënga - Wikipedia External
  Goëngahuizen → Goaiïngahuzen Goëngahuizen - Wikipedia External
  Goingarijp → Goaiïngaryp Goingarijp - Wikipedia External
  Gorredijk → Gordyk Gorredijk - Wikipedia External
  Grouw → Grou Grou - Wikipedia External
  Hantumeruitburen → Hantumerútbuorren Hantumeruitburen - Wikipedia External
  Hantumhuizen → Hantumhuzen Hantumhuizen - Wikipedia External
  Hardegarijp → Hurdegaryp Hurdegaryp - Wikipedia External
8857-8872 Harlingen → Harns Harlingen Netherlands - Wikipedia External
  Hartwerd → Hartwert Hartwerd - Wikipedia External
  Haskerdijken → Haskerdiken Haskerdijken - Wikipedia External
  Haskerhorne → Haskerhoarne Haskerhorne - Wikipedia External
  Haulerwijk → Haulerwyk Haulerwijk - Wikipedia External
  Heeg → Heech Heeg - Wikipedia External
8410-8459 Heerenveen → It Hearrenfean Heerenveen - Wikipedia External
  Hemelum → Himmelum Hemelum - Wikipedia External
  Hempens → Himpens Hempens - Wikipedia External
  Hemrik → Himrik Hemrik - Wikipedia External
  Hennaard → Hinnaard Hinnaard - Wikipedia External
  Herbaijum → Hjerbeam Herbaijum - Wikipedia External
  Hiaure → Lyste Jouwer Hiaure - Wikipedia External
  Hijlaard → Hilaard Hilaard - Wikipedia External
  Hindeloopen → Hylpen Hindeloopen - Wikipedia External
  Hitzum → Hitsum Hitzum - Wikipedia External
  Hogebeintum → Hegebeintum Hegebeintum - Wikipedia External
  Holwerd → Holwert Holwerd - Wikipedia External
  Hoom → Hoarne  
  Hoornsterzwaag → Hoarnstersweach Hoornsterzwaag - Wikipedia External
  Huins → Húns Húns - Wikipedia External
  Idsegahuizum → Skuzum Idsegahuizum - Wikipedia External
  Idskenhuizen → Jiskenhuzen Idskenhuizen - Wikipedia External
  Idzega → Idzegea Idzega - Wikipedia External
  IJlst → Drylts IJlst - Wikipedia External
  IJsbrechtum → Ysbrechtum Ysbrechtum - Wikipedia External
  Indijk → Yndyk Indijk Súdwest-Fryslân - Wikipedia External
  Irnsum → Jirnsum Jirnsum - Wikipedia External
  Janum → Jannum Jannum - Wikipedia External
  Jorwerd → Jorwert Jorwert - Wikipedia External
  Joure → Jouwer Joure - Wikipedia External
  Jubbega → Jobbegea Jubbega - Wikipedia External
  Jutrijp → Jutryp Jutrijp - Wikipedia External
  Katlijk → Ketlik Katlijk - Wikipedia External
  Kimswerd → Kimswert Kimswerd - Wikipedia External
  Kinnum → Kinum  
  Koefurderrige → Kûfurderrige  
  Kolderwolde → Kolderwâlde Kolderwolde - Wikipedia External
  Kollumerzwaag → Kollumersweach Kollumerzwaag - Wikipedia External
  Kootstertille → Koatstertille Kootstertille - Wikipedia External
  Kornwerderzand → Koarnwertersân Kornwerderzand - Wikipedia External
  Kortehemmen → Koartehimmen Kortehemmen - Wikipedia External
  Kubaard → Kûbaard Kûbaard - Wikipedia External
  Langedijke → Langedike Langedijke - Wikipedia External
  Langezwaag → Langsweagen Langezwaag - Wikipedia External
  Langweer → Langwar Langweer - Wikipedia External
8900-8941 Leeuwarden → Ljouwert Leeuwarden - Wikipedia External
  Legemeer → Legemar Legemeer - Wikipedia External
  Lioessens → Ljussens Lioessens - Wikipedia External
  Lions → Leons Leons Littenseradiel - Wikipedia External
  Lippenhuizen → Lippenhuzen Lippenhuizen - Wikipedia External
  Loënga → Loaiïngea Loënga - Wikipedia External
  Longerhouw → Longerhou Longerhouw - Wikipedia External
  Luinjeberd → Lûnbert Luinjeberd - Wikipedia External
  Lutkewierum → Lytsewierrum Lytsewierrum - Wikipedia External
  Luxwoude → Lúkswâld Luxwoude - Wikipedia External
  Makkinga → Makkingea Makkinga - Wikipedia External
  Marssum → Marssum Marssum - Wikipedia External
  Menaldum → Menaam Menaldum - Wikipedia External
  Metslawier → Mitselwier Metslawier - Wikipedia External
  Midlum → Mullum Midlum Netherlands - Wikipedia External
  Midsland → Midslân Midsland - Wikipedia External
  Minnertsga → Minnertsgea Minnertsga - Wikipedia External
  Mirns → Murns Mirns - Wikipedia External
  Molenend → Mûnein Mûnein - Wikipedia External
  Molkwerum → Molkwar Molkwerum - Wikipedia External
  Morra → Moarre Morra Dongeradeel - Wikipedia External
  Munnekezijl → Muntsjesyl Munnekezijl - Wikipedia External
  Munnikeburen → Munnekebuorren  
  Niawier → Nijewier Niawier - Wikipedia External
  Nieuwehorne → Nijhoarne Nieuwehorne - Wikipedia External
  Nieuweschoot → Nijskoat Nieuweschoot - Wikipedia External
  Nijeberkoop → Nijeberkeap Nijeberkoop - Wikipedia External
  Nijega → Nyegea Nijega - Wikipedia External
  Nijeholtpade → Nijeholtpea Nijeholtpade - Wikipedia External
  Nijeholtwolde → Nijeholtwâlde Nijeholtwolde - Wikipedia External
  Nijelamer → Nijelemmer Nijelamer - Wikipedia External
  Nijemirdum → Nijemardum Nijemirdum - Wikipedia External
  Nijetrijne → Nijetrine Nijetrijne - Wikipedia External
  Nijhuizum → Nijhuzum Nijhuizum - Wikipedia External
  Nijland → Nijlân Nijland - Wikipedia External
  Noordbergum → Noardburgum Noardburgum - Wikipedia External
  Noordwolde → Noardwâlde Noordwolde - Wikipedia External
  Oostmahorn → De Skâns-Oostmahorn [3] De_Skâns-Oostmahorn External
  Oenkerk → Oentsjerk Oentsjerk - Wikipedia External
  Offingawier → Offenwier Offingawier - Wikipedia External
  Oldeberkoop → Aldeberkeap Oldeberkoop - Wikipedia External
  Oldeboorn → Aldeboarn Aldeboarn - Wikipedia External
  Oldeholtpade → Aldeholtpea Oldeholtpade - Wikipedia External
  Oldeholtwolde → Aldeholtwâlde Oldeholtwolde - Wikipedia External
  Oldelamer → Aldlemmer Oldelamer - Wikipedia External
  Oldeouwer → Oldeouwer Oldeouwer - Wikipedia External
  Oldetrijne → Aldetrine Oldetrijne - Wikipedia External
  Oosterend → Easterein Easterein - Wikipedia External
  Oosterend → Aasterein Oosterend Terschelling - Wikipedia External
  Oosterlittens → Easterlittens Easterlittens - Wikipedia External
  Oostermeer → Eastermar Eastermar - Wikipedia External
  Oosternijkerk → Easternijtsjerk Oosternijkerk - Wikipedia External
  Oosterwierum → Easterwierrum Easterwierrum - Wikipedia External
  Oosterwolde → Easterwâlde Oosterwolde Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Oosterzee → Eastersee Oosterzee - Wikipedia External
  Oosthem → Easthim Oosthem - Wikipedia External
  Oostrum → Eastrum Oostrum - Wikipedia External
  Oost Vlieland → East Flylân Oost-Vlieland - Wikipedia External
  Opeinde → Pein Opeinde - Wikipedia External
  Oppenhuizen → Toppenhuzen Oppenhuizen - Wikipedia External
  Oranjewoud → Oranjewâld Oranjewoud - Wikipedia External
  Oudebildtzijl → Aldebiltsyl Oudebildtzijl - Wikipedia External
  Oudega → Aldegea Oudega Gaasterlân-Sleat - Wikipedia External Oudega Smallingerland - Wikipedia External Oudega Súdwest-Fryslân - Wikipedia External
  Oudehaske → Aldehaske Oudehaske - Wikipedia External
  Oudehorne → Aldhoarne Oudehorne - Wikipedia External
  Oude Leije → Aldeleie Oude Leije - Wikipedia External
  Oudemirdum → Aldemardum Oudemirdum - Wikipedia External
  Oudeschoot → Aldskoat Oudeschoot - Wikipedia External
  Oudkerk → Aldtsjerk Aldtsjerk - Wikipedia External
  Oudwoude → Aldwâld Oudwoude - Wikipedia External
  Ouwsterhaule → Ousterhaule Ouwsterhaule - Wikipedia External
  Ouwster Nijega → Ousternijegea Ouwster-Nijega - Wikipedia External
  Paesens → Peazens Paesens - Wikipedia External
  Parrega → Parregea Parrega - Wikipedia External
  Peperga → Pepergea Peperga - Wikipedia External
  Pietersbierum → Pitersbierrum Pietersbierum - Wikipedia External
  Pingjum → Penjum Pingjum - Wikipedia External
  Poppingawier → Poppenwier Poppenwier - Wikipedia External
  Rauwerd → Raerd Raerd - Wikipedia External
  Ravenswoud → Ravenswâld Ravenswoud - Wikipedia External
  Ried → Rie Ried Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Rijperkerk → Ryptsjerk Ryptsjerk - Wikipedia External
  Rijs → Riis Rijs - Wikipedia External
  Rinsumageest → Rinsumageast Rinsumageast - Wikipedia External
  Rohel → Reahel Rohel - Wikipedia External
  Roodhuis → Reahûs Reahûs - Wikipedia External
  Roodkerk → Readtsjerk Readtsjerk - Wikipedia External
  Roordahuizum → Reduzum Reduzum - Wikipedia External
  Rottevalle → Rottefalle Rottevalle - Wikipedia External
  Ruigahuizen → Rûgehuzen Ruigahuizen - Wikipedia External
  Sandfirden → Sânfurd Sandfirden - Wikipedia External
  Schalsum → Skalsum Schalsum - Wikipedia External
  Scharnegoutum → Skearnegoutum Scharnegoutum - Wikipedia External
  Scharsterbrug → Skarsterbrêge Scharsterbrug - Wikipedia External
  Scherpenzeel → Skerpenseel Scherpenzeel Weststellingwerf - Wikipedia External
  Schettens → Skettens Schettens - Wikipedia External
9166 Schiermonnikoog → Skiermûntseach Schiermonnikoog - Wikipedia External
  Schingen → Skingen Schingen - Wikipedia External
  Schraard → Skraard Schraard - Wikipedia External
  Seerijp → Stryp  
  Sexbierum → Seisbierrum Sexbierum - Wikipedia External
  Siegerswoude → Sigerswâld Siegerswoude - Wikipedia External
  Sijbrandaburen → Sibrandabuorren Sibrandabuorren - Wikipedia External
  Sijbrandahuis → Sibrandahûs Sibrandahûs - Wikipedia External
  Sint Annaparochie → Sint Anne Sint Annaparochie - Wikipedia External
  Sint Jacobiparochie → Sint Jabik Sint Jacobiparochie - Wikipedia External
  Sintjohannesga → Sint Jânsgea Sintjohannesga - Wikipedia External
  Sint Nicolaasga → Sint Nyk Sint Nicolaasga - Wikipedia External
  Sloten → Sleat Sloten Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Smallebrugge → Smelbrêge Smallebrugge - Wikipedia External
  Smalle Ee → Smelle Ie Smalle Ee - Wikipedia External
  Snakkerburen → Snakkerbuorren Snakkerburen - Wikipedia External
  Sneek → Snits Sneek - Wikipedia External
  Snikzwaag → Sniksweach Snikzwaag - Wikipedia External
  Sonnega → Sonnegea Sonnega - Wikipedia External
  Spanga → Spangea Spanga - Wikipedia External
  Stavoren → Starum Stavoren - Wikipedia External
  Stroobos → Strobos Stroobos - Wikipedia External
  Suameer → Sumar Sumar Netherlands - Wikipedia External
  Suawoude → Suwâld Suwâld - Wikipedia External
  Surhuisterveen → Surhústerfean Surhuisterveen - Wikipedia External
  Surhuizum → Surhuzum Surhuizum - Wikipedia External
  Teerns → Tearns Teerns - Wikipedia External
  Terband → Terbant Terband - Wikipedia External
  Terhorne → Terherne Terherne - Wikipedia External
  Ter Idzard → Teridzert Ter Idzard - Wikipedia External
  Terzool → Tersoal Tersoal - Wikipedia External
  Tietjerk → Tytsjerk Tytsjerk - Wikipedia External
  Tijnje → Tynje Tijnje - Wikipedia External
  Tirns → Turns Tirns - Wikipedia External
  Tjalhuizum → Tsjalhuzum Tjalhuizum - Wikipedia External
  Tjalleberd → Tsjalbert Tjalleberd - Wikipedia External
  Tjerkgaast → Tsjerkgaast Tjerkgaast - Wikipedia External
  Tjerkwerd → Tsjerkwert Tjerkwerd - Wikipedia External
  Triemen → De Trieme [4] De Trieme External
  Twijzel → Twizel Twijzel - Wikipedia External
  Twijzelerheide → Twijzelerheide Twijzelerheide - Wikipedia External
  Tzum → Tsjom Tzum - Wikipedia External
  Tzummarum → Tsjummearum Tzummarum - Wikipedia External
  Uitwellingerga → Twellingea Uitwellingerga - Wikipedia External
  Ureterp → Oerterp Ureterp - Wikipedia External
  Valom → Falom De Falom - Wikipedia External
  Veenklooster → Feankleaster Veenklooster - Wikipedia External
  Veenwouden → Feanwâlden Feanwâlden - Wikipedia External
  Vegelinsoord → Vegelinsoard Vegelinsoord - Wikipedia External
  Vinkega → Finkegea Vinkega - Wikipedia External
  Vrouwenparochie → Froubuorren Vrouwenparochie - Wikipedia External
  Waaxens → Waaksens Waaxens - Wikipedia External Waaksens - Wikipedia External
  Wanswerd → Wânswert Wanswerd - Wikipedia External
  Warfstermolen → Warfstermûne Warfstermolen - Wikipedia External
  Warga → Wergea Wergea - Wikipedia External
  Wartena → Warten Warten - Wikipedia External
  Waskemeer → Waskemar Waskemeer - Wikipedia External
  Welsrijp → Wjelsryp Wjelsryp - Wikipedia External
  Westergeest → Westergeast Westergeest - Wikipedia External
  Westhem → Westhim Westhem - Wikipedia External
  West Terschelling → West Skylge West-Terschelling - Wikipedia External
  Wieuwerd → Wiuwert Wiuwert - Wikipedia External
  Wijckel → Wikel Wijckel - Wikipedia External
  Wijnaldum → Winaam Wijnaldum - Wikipedia External
  Wijnjewoude → Wynjewâld Wijnjewoude - Wikipedia External
  Wijns → Wyns Wyns - Wikipedia External
  Wirdum → Wurdum Wirdum Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Witmarsum → Wytmarsum Witmarsum Netherlands - Wikipedia External
  Wolvega → Wolvegea Wolvega Weststellingwerf - Wikipedia External
  Wons → Wûns Wons - Wikipedia External
  Workum → Warkum Workum - Wikipedia External
  Woudsend → Wâldsein Woudsend - Wikipedia External
  Wouterswoude → Wâlterswâld Wâlterswâld - Wikipedia External
  Ypecolsga → Ypelkolsgea Ypecolsga - Wikipedia External
  Zurich → Surch Zurich Friesland - Wikipedia External
  Zwaagwesteinde → Westerein or De Westereen De Westereen - Wikipedia External
  Zwagerbosch → Sweagerbosk Zwagerbosch - Wikipedia External
  Zweins → Sweins Zweins - Wikipedia External

In all other cases, the settlement has a unilingular name.

image Bilingual place name board, Friesland

The Netherlands - Administrative districts


The Netherlands is split into 12 provinces External:

    Drenthe External (Dr.)
    Flevoland External (Fl.)
    Fryslân (Friesland) External (Fr.)
    Gelderland External (Gld.)
    Groningen External (Gr.)
    Limburg External (Lim., Lb)
    Noord Brabant External (N.Br., N.B.)
    Noord Holland External (N.H.)
    Overijssel External (Ov.)
    Utrecht External (Utr.)
    Zeeland External (Zld.)
    Zuid Holland External (Z.H.)

These are not used in addresses unless no postal code is used and a town of the same name exists in more than one province, in which case the province abbreviation is written directly after the postal town name.

These provinces are further split into gemeentes External, municipalities, which contain one or more settlements.

Administrative districts graphic


Telephone numbers in The Netherlands


All telephone numbers in the Netherlands, including the area code, have 9 digits when called from abroad. Dutch telephone numbers may (temporarily) no longer be located in the geographical area to which the area code belongs, and two area code ranges have been assigned which are non-geographic. Mobile numbers have the area code 6.

   Tables of telephone number information/formats can be acquired – see http://www.grcdi.nl/telephone.htm External 


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