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Post Office Box

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This section provides the word used for post office box in the appropriate local language(s). In some countries recognition of the post office box number is essential as street addresses and mailing addresses (post office box numbers) have different postal codes. Mailings should not be sent with both the mailing address and the street address included as in these cases the post office may attempt to deliver to one of the addresses only, and, should the postal code refer to the other address, the mailing will be returned as undeliverable. A mailing (e.g. post office box) address is formatted in the same way as a street address, but the post office box information replaces all information pertaining to street lines and smaller units (e.g. building names, sub-building names and so on) in the address block. For example:

   Dhr J. Janssen
   Kerkstraat 192-hs [street address, building number and sub-building indicator]

might become

   Dhr J. Janssen
   Postbus 19223 [post office box information]

In a small number of cases a post office box number in an address will point to a street address, and may include building and/or sub-building information. Unfortunately, the situation is not always constant within a single postal authority area. You should allow youself to be guided by the information that the addressee has been provided when using a mailing address.

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