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Precision - definitions

Precision : A characteristic of Information Quality_ measuring the degree to which data is known to the right level of granularity. For example, a percentage value with two decimal points (00.00%) discriminates to the closest 1/100th of a percent.

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Precision - A characteristic of data. It means that the data values should be just large enough to support the application or process.

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Precision - Data has sufficient detail.

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Precision - The aspect of measurement that addresses repeatability or consistency when an identical item is measured several times.

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Precision - Lack of variation in your measurement. Can be measured in terms of the standard deviation of your measurement system. Has nothing to do with accuracy, which is lack of bias. A precise rifle will shoot small groups. An accurate rifle is properly sighted in.

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Precision - A measure of mutual agreement among individual measurements of the same property, usually under prescribed similar conditions expressed generally in terms of the standard deviation.

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Precision - The closeness of agreement between randomly selected individual measurements or test results. Also see Accuracy.

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Precision - Data Precision may have different meanings.

In statistics, data precision is about repeatability of measurement.

Data precision is also used to describe the depth of a measure. For example in Information Quality_ it may be a question of precision if 1 meter and 0.997 meters both are accurate values for measuring a given thing.

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precision - Refers to the level of measurement and exactness of description in a GIS database. Precise locational data may measure position to a fraction of a unit. Precise attribute information may specify the characteristics of features in great detail. It is important to realize, however, that precise data - no matter how carefully measured - may be inaccurate. Surveyors may make mistakes or data may be entered into the database incorrectly. Therefore, a distinction is made between precision and accuracy.

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precision - 

   (1) [Category=Data Quality ] The closeness of a repeated set of observations of the same quantity to one another. Precision is a measure of the control over random error. For example, assessment of the quality of a surveyor's work is based in part on the precision of their measured values.
   (2) [Category=Data Quality ] The number of significant digits used to store numbers, particularly coordinate values. Precision is important for accurate feature representation, analysis, and mapping.
   (3) [Category=Data Quality ] A statistical measure of repeatability, usually expressed as the variance of repeated measures about the mean.

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