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Links These link pages have been compiled by Graham Rhind and are the most complete postal code and addressing resources list currently available on the Internet. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for additions, please send a message. Postal Codes and Related Issues (1256 links, last updated 30th January 2023) Location encoding systems (42 links, last updated 29th August 2022) Post Office Home Pages (137 links, last updated 26th December 2022) Companies dealing with International/Postal data (90 links, last updated 26th December 2022) Languages (24 links, last updated 28th June 2021) Telephone Numbers (1357 links, last updated 31st January 2022) Maps and mapping (35 links, last updated 29th August 2022) Data quality (57 links, last update 30th November 2020) Other Addressing Issues (179 links, last updated 31st October 2022) If you cannot find what you are looking for in one of the pages listed above, you might like to try one of these other links pages: Kai Hamm's page (in German) - amongst other things, he has an excellent collection of postal code links and lists. Universal Postal Union (links to post office home pages) Postal Information Resources (a number of postal code links, mainly US). World Postal Codes and Other Useful Links - as the name suggests. (in Hungarian) - postal code and post office links page. Links to post office and postal code pages - (from - includes some postal code downloads. Links to postal code pages - (from World postal codes - (from Lanka Link) - post office page links. - postal, mapping and gazetteer links - post office and postal code links. - some pages list postal codes for certain countries.
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