Information resources, books, printed resources and documents providing information on global personal names, addresses and postal codes.   Together with a variety of consultancy and training services, GRC Data Intelligence offers a number of printed products to help you to manage your international data.  The Global Source Book for International Data  Management Now a free resource! This guide, the standard reference work in its genre, contains over 2500 pages of data pertaining to over 245 countries and territories.  This guide in intended to help you to populate and utilize your international database in the most effective and accurate way; to ensure that you can put your data to its best use and to maintain your advantage, without causing any unnecessary irritation to those people within your database.  It not only allows you not to irritate you customers, it can also help you to impress them with your knowledge and concern for accuracy and localized marketing norms.  This is the most complete reference work of its type available.  We have spent 20 years (and counting) in research to bring you this data, so that you do not need to spend years doing the same.  Read more about it here. Practical International Data Management -  a guide to working with global names and addresses Published: October 2001 New data collection methods, such as the Internet; the globalization of economies and improving computer hardware and software are allowing companies to collect information about their customers and prospects in ever greater quantities and from increasingly further afield.  Managing this data brings with it a whole raft of practical issues which most companies are unaware of and which, if ignored, are expensive and time-consuming to correct.  This book details the problems that a company collecting and managing international names and addresses are likely to encounter, and suggests, where available, solutions and ways of preventing the problems arising.  Topics tackled include database structure and data format, data cleaning and standardisation, language issues, personal name and address component management and de- duplication. Read more about it here. Better data quality from your web form - Effective international name and address Internet data collection Published: April 2009 Web forms are a source of immense and continuous frustration for many people as the forms almost universally fail to take any account of variations in personal name and addressing conventions used throughout the world, so that customers have to struggle to clear the hurdles placed in their way by the forms.  Reports suggest that almost 9 out of 10 customers have problems when attempting to carry out online transactions, and the result is a huge loss of income from lost custom paired with the collection of very poor quality data. This e-book (in Acrobat pdf format), which is free to download and use, attempts to fill the gap left by most works about usability by concentrating on the experience that your international customers have with your form, and how it affects them, their relationship with you and your data quality. This has been done using many examples and without going into too much depth about the idiosyncrasies of international personal names and addresses, and avoids technical discussions – links to get more information are provided where appropriate in the text.   Read more about it here. If you have any questions about any of our products, please  contact us.
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