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To contact us: Please send an e-mail to: ALL messages are responded to provided that you don't ask a question already answered in the frequently asked questions section below.
Frequently asked questions: "Why a .nl domain when you are based in Germany" We started GRC Database Information when we were based in Amsterdam and when the .com domain was not available. As we think that URLs should be kept stable so that our customers can find us easily and not be faced with 404 error pages, we retained our web site in The Netherlands after our move to Germany. "I want a list of postal codes with their latitude and longitude information" Our settlements/postal code combinations table contains map co-ordinates for some countries to different levels, and this file lends itself to being geocoded. Lists of postal codes including latitude and longitude information can also be had from a various GIS companies listed on our page here. "Can you tell me the address of my friend/mother/father/granny/uncle/ secondcousin ..... x? I have lost touch with him/her" No, unfortunately we cannot. We have the same tools at our disposal to find individuals as you do. We cannot search for individuals or individual addresses. "I am trying to track a piece of mail from ... to .... which has failed to arrive. Can you help?" In general, unless you send mail by registered post, it cannot be tracked. In any case, we have no affiliation with any postal service and cannot help in such matters - you need to contact the postal authorities concerned. "I am looking for a list of addresses for x type of company in y region or country" We are not list brokers and do not provide any real name and address lists in any form whatsoever. "Can you tell me the postal code for the following address?" Usually, but you can do this yourself also by using the resources from our page here. "I am looking for postal code tables" We have a set of data containing postal codes and settlement names (information here). Apart from this table, we are unable to provide postal code tables. They can be provided either by each postal authority individually or by certain companies which collect and resell data. Check the list of companies providing international data services here. Prices vary from free (usually state-owned postal authorities) to very hefty (usually privatised postal authorities). Approach each postal authority individually if you don't use one of the companies which resell data. If you are interested in using our consultancy services to find and/or assess postal and address data, please send us a message. "What is the postal code of [country name]?" Very few countries have only one single postal code. Almost all countries have many hundreds or thousands of codes, depending on the postal address. We cannot therefore give you a single code for a country which has thousands of codes. It may be that you are looking for a country code, such as US or NL, or a telephone access code. If that is so, check out the appropriate links here. "I would like to swap links - if you add my site to your page, I'll add a link to your site in return" We are happy to add links to any site which is relevant to these pages (i.e. it pertains to international data management, data quality or postal matters). We do not add non-relevant links under any circumstances. Offers for outsourcing of any services / requests for any job vacancies We do not outsource any of our work and have no job vacancies. Any future outsourcing or vacancies are handled in the normal way, and we do not respond to unsolicited applications.